We are constantly working to share good practice. These resources provide information about the ALMT alongside other insights we have learnt over the years

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Impact Report 2022

ALMT funded projects reached 30,195 children and young people worldwide in 2022.  Read all about the Impact of ALMT projects.

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ALMT Annual Report and Accounts 2020-2021

Read about the fantastic achievements in 2020-2021


Annual Report and Accounts 2019-2020

Celebrate the work of the ALMT in 2019-2020


Reporting Guidelines for the ALMT

Partner guidance on what to include in the end of grant report.

Jenni Thomas talks about child bereavement

Jenni Thomas talks about child bereavement

Jenni Thomas and Nick Heath introduce the series which is aimed at helping those who are grieving or anyone who is supporting someone who is bereaved.

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What Does Dead Mean?

Snap shot video for Jenni Thomas OBE, Caroline Jay and the ALMT’s book, ‘What does Dead Mean?’ helping to talk about the questions that children ask about death and dying.

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The Danger Age

Drowning accidents do not occur as a result of parents failing to take care. They happen because children between two and four years old are uniquely vulnerable. This short film is about preventing future tragedies. We want as many people as possible to know about the dangers of water for young children.

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2018-2019 Annual Reports and Accounts

An overview of the ALMT achievements in 2018-2019.

ALMT Annual Report and accounts Cover 2017-18

ALMT Annual Report and Accounts 2017-2018

Celebrate the work of the ALMT in 2017-2018.


The ALMT response to COVID-19

At the start of the pandemic in 2020 the ALMT moved quickly to distribute over £145,000 to projects which had an impact on over 5000 children.  From laptops for children, to food provision and healthcare abroad, the ALMT was quick to demonstrate its support.

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10 years of The ALMT

It wasn’t easy trying to fit ten amazing years into three short minutes, but we did our best. For the whole of 2016, the ALMT celebrates this huge milestone with you!


ALMT Annual Report and Accounts 2016-2017

Read about the successful partnerships of the ALMT in 2016-17