Individual Co-funding

Co-funding with the ALMT allows individuals to contribute funds directly to vetted and approved, project partnerships. This way of giving allows the Co-Funder full access to project applications, budgets, project visits, and reports, from a wide portfolio of amazing small organisations. With fifteen years of experience awarding grants and working in partnership with children’s organisations around the world, the ALMT is best placed to support you in your philanthropic journey.

Select projects and allocate


of your donation

Choose from average


projects per year

Co-Fund from as little as


per project per year


Select projects and allocate 100% of your dontation


Choose from an average 40 projects per year


Co-fund from as little as £500 per project per year

‘Co-funding with the ALMT has given me the opportunity to meet with the project beneficiaries and organisations. I have been able to watch my contribution make a tangible impact in Nottingham and Zambia.’

Danny Carr - Co-Funder

How do I become a Co-Funder?

Get in touch to learn more or become a co-funder

Is Co-Funding what I am looking for?


Co-Funding enables you to allocate 100% of your donation directly to a specific project funded by the ALMT.  Chat with the team at ALMT about where, what, and who you’re interested in funding.  Co-Funding can be on an adhoc basis, as and when you choose, or set your annual limits and we’ll allocate your funds across multiple, international projects.


With a focus on children and young people, funding decisions are made at tri-annual ALMT Board meetings Partner Organisations are vetted and trusted, and projects are strictly monitored and evaluated. Having discussed your objectives, we’ll put together a selection of children’s charities and projects based on your preferences.


Projects run for a minimum of one year. At the end of each calendar year, you will receive a bespoke Co-Funding report.  The report will provide graphs, stats, highlights, case studies, images and feedback on the projects you have Co-Funded. As a Co-Funder you also have access to full project applications and budgets on request

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