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Rachel Riley's Family Fortunes Feat

Written: 19 November 2020

A huge thank you to Rachel Riley and her family who battled the Kamara family on Family Fortunes last week to win £30,000 for the ALMT.  


There were some interesting moments along the way and the Riley's definitely had everyone on the edge of their seats at various points - particularly when struggling to come up with names beginning with 'G'.  However, in the end Rachel and her brother Alex, looked comfortable in the 'Big Money' round and managed to secure the £30,000 jackpot on offer for the ALMT.


Rachel tweeted "Covid has been especially hard on charities and those they support, I know ALMT will make sure a lot of children will benefit from every penny from @FamilyFortunes." 


In what has been a particularly challenging year for so many, the ALMT continues to support grassroots children’s charities across the world. This year we have prioritised support to children worldwide suffering from hunger as a result of the pandemic, provided funding to reduce waiting lists for victims of domestic abuse, supported the provision of PPE and medical facilities, helped with holiday and remote activities and assisted with the provision of laptops so that children can continue to learn whilst isolated at home. It continues to be vitally important to fund the grassroots charities offering such valuable services and this amazing donation will enable us to continue supporting children and young in need.

A busy few months....

Written: 1 August 2020

It has been an extraordinary year, and at the ALMT we have therefore acted in an extraordinary way, funding more projects than ever before and making a difference to more lives worldwide.

As many of you will know, back in March we moved swiftly to respond to the emerging crisis and developed a package for partner organisations; reassuring them about our recognition of their needs and offering support (both financial and mental).


It soon became apparent that the virus was going to hit those on the margins of society the hardest. Following our 'Call to Arms' in March, The ALMT identified the following priority areas for support:


Reducing Child Hunger:

The start of the lockdown led to rising food prices around the world and everyday items became unavailable in the shops; it became increasingly hard for many people to afford to buy food for their families.

By providing funding for Magic BreakfastThe Avenues and Eastside Young Leaders Academy in the UK, Children on the Edge in India, Ace-Africa in Tanzania and Tushinde in Kenya the ALMT has provided food packages for 11,972 people. This has been a lifeline for many of those struggling to feed themselves throughout this crisis.


Improving Health and Social Care:

By providing funding for Midland Doctors Medical Institute in Pakistan we were able to double the number of ventilators in the region and ensure that the health system in AJK was ready to cope with the emerging crisis. We extended support for World Child Cancer, enabling 1400 children with cancer in Myanmar to continue to access treatment, giving them a 60% better chance of surviving the crisis.


As we started to feel the impact of the lockdown, it became clear that those with existing conditions in the UK have been struggling to access the care they need. Steps Worldwide provides crucial support for families with lower limb conditions, many of whom have had operations cancelled or indefinitely postponed. The ALMT, with the support of the Rosemarie Nathanson Charitable Trust, has funded a series of webinars and short films with health professionals demonstrating how a parent can help their child both during and after the pandemic.


Increasing Access to Education and Holiday Activities:

Prolonged school closures have led to social and academic regression for many young people. Families living in poverty are unable to provide the equipment needed to support their child’s learning. With support from RenaissanceRe, The ALMT (via The Beckmead Trust) provided Pupil Referral Units across the UK with 250 laptops so that the hardest to reach young people could continue to learn. Similarly in Mozambique we were able to provide A Little Gesture with laptops and modems so that children could continue to learn whilst schools remain closed.


The ALMT has funded 13 days of holiday activities for 100 young people at The Avenues, an exceptional Youth Club in North London. All members will receive a healthy breakfast and lunch and have the opportunity to prepare an evening meal to take home to their families. The Summer programme aims to provide stimulating and fun activities alongside a sense of routine for young people who have been isolated during this crisis so that they are ready to return to school in September.


Supporting Children Who Have Experienced Domestic Abuse:

In the first 3 weeks of lockdown in March the National Domestic Abuse helpline reported an increase in calls of 49%. Life is particularly hard for vulnerable children at the moment and abuse lasts 25% longer on average in more rural areas.

The ALMT is funding Acorns to deliver counselling support to 80 children (50 in North Tyneside and 30 in Northumberland), enabling them to respond to issues caused by the Coronavirus pandemic; reduce waiting times and reach young people in extremely rural settings.


Supporting Young People At Risk of Homelessness:

As a result of the Covid-19 crisis many careleavers found themselves extremely isolated and stranded at their place of residence or university, without family support and assistance. These young people are no longer able to work, as their part time jobs have disappeared, and their costs have gone up. The ALMT funded Siblings Together to offer support packages and creative activities in order to reduce their sense of isolation.


Our impact has been far-reaching and widespread helping over 15,000 children/ families around the world


The last amazing few months would not have been possible without the support of some very special individuals, corporate support and charity partners. Our thanks go to RenaissanceRe, The Rosemarie Nathanson Trust, The De Winton Trust, The MacBevan Charitable Trust and our many individual Co-Funders.


Eva's fundraising for the ALMT...

Written: 7 July 2020

Running 300 miles and cycling 155 miles is no easy feat! A massive thank you to Eva as she fundraises for the ALMT enabling us to help alleviate children's suffering around the world.  


Eva's recent update says: 

"I’m virtually approaching the German border.  Now I’m definitely 309 miles in. I’ve run 218 miles and cycled 91 so far. All GPS tracked.It’s a little difficult finding the time for the running and the cycling. I leave the house for my Saturday morning runs at around 6:30 (I always want to leave at 6 but it hardly ever happens…) to try to be back when the family gets up to have breakfast together, and then I recover while catching up with the work I didn’t manage to deal with over the week in our study… " 

This photo below was taken after a Saturday morning 10 mile run... all before breakfast!

If you would like to sponsor Eva then please visit:


Responding to Covid-19

Written: 15 May 2020


A Call to Arms from the ALMT

Written: 31 March 2020




Last week we were called by one of our charity projects working with young people at street level in East London detailing a catastrophe that is unfolding. Those in the frontline, working on some notorious housing estates, detail violent crime, domestic abuse and starvation.


Strains on social services have their impact on the vulnerable. Traditional interventions such as schools, social services and police are struggling to cope and gangs are filling the vacuum. Our partner project in East London asked directly for money for food and utility keys for thirty families and the ALMT have been able to respond quickly.


These are extraordinary times and we, as the ALMT are taking extraordinary measures.




Our partners across the globe are continuing to support those most in need. Although many organisations have halted activities temporarily, many others are continuing to deliver amazing outcomes in very challenging circumstances. We are in close contact with all of our partners and actively seeking ways to support them and their participants through this period. We are all aware that the effects of Covid-19 will continue to be felt for a long time to come and are keen to offer the right support.

The ALMT has already committed to the following:


- We understand the need for flexibility with targets and reporting schedules and that during this period many of our partners will not be able to achieve their initial aims. We are committed to working with our partners to identify new goals and find the best way forward.


- We have confirmed that project funding can be used to pay for freelance fees and workers even though they cannot currently deliver projects.


- We have identified a specialist accountant who will be able to provide free advice to partners about accessing government support (for example this may be for workers who are furloughed).


- We are fast-tracking annual payments and approval of reapplications from existing partners.


- Existing partners can apply for up to £5,000 unrestricted income if they are in crisis as a result of Covid-19.


- We are encouraging applications which respond directly to the Covid-19 situation and will prioritise applications from existing partners.


- We will be compiling and sharing weekly funding information and resources which may be useful for partner organisations.




- We are constantly receiving requests for basic needs from our partners and many children around the world are facing catastrophic circumstances. The ALMT continues to assess and respond to the escalating need in a directed and focussed way. If you would like to hear more about starting a co-funding journey with us then please get in touch. Alternatively if you would like to make a one-off donation then please click here


- Food banks nationally are struggling to cope with demand and desperately require donations of food and volunteers. To find your local foodbank click here.


- Many young people are struggling to learn as they don't have access to ipads and laptops. If you have any old computer equipment which could be donated to our partner organisations this will be of tremendous help. Please contact us if you are able to help.

City Pay It Forward launches Financial Literacy Scheme

Written: 23 January 2020

The ALMT are excited to announce that on 27th January, every primary school in the UK, all 21,000, will receive City Pay It Forward's Teachers' Manual textbook for free.  City Pay It Forward has developed a comprehensive year 6 curriculum which will better equip children to understand and manage their money.  By working in partnership with a number of leading educators and Rising Stars, part of Hodder Education (one of the largest educational publishers in the UK), almost 700,000 children will now have access to their materials.


City Pay It Forward was established in 2016 by a group of parents with financial and business backgrounds whose aim was to make an impact on the next generation by teaching them the basics in financial literacy. Concerned by statistics on youth indebtedness, the group collaborated with fifteen Head Teachers and Year 6 teachers to produce, from scratch, the financial literacy materials which schools would find easy to use. To date, City Pay it Forward has worked with 150 schools across the country and engaged with over 15,000 students.


The curriculum has been extensively peer-reviewed, benefits from the Young Money Quality Mark (which is endorsed by the Department for Education and Education Scotland) and has been tried and tested with over 15,000 students at hundreds of schools across the country.


What began as a local, grassroots initiative has now gone national and the ALMT are very proud to have been involved.  The more colleagues, schools and teachers that hear about the materials, the greater the impact in the community. All the materials are provided free of charge and the entire curriculum can be downloaded from the City Pay it Forward website here. We would be most grateful if you would be able to assist and share the details of these materials as widely as possible to help maximise their beneficial impact. 

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New Partners and Projects

Written: 31 October 2019

The ALMT are excited to support a range of excellent new initiatives this Autumn.  From theatre in Chesham to eye tests in Burkina Faso, the ALMT continues to work with partners who are providing innovative and interesting solutions to help children and young people around the world. 


The following projects had funding approved at the recent Trustees meeting:


Ace Africa: RenaissanceRe and the ALMT are supporting Ace Africa Tanzania to improve education, nutrition and access to child rights in the Arusha District.  The project will also increase support for children under 5 so that they can play, learn and start school in good health.  


BOSP Brighter Opportunities for Special People: The ALMT are supporting BOSP to deliver a new baby and toddler club in Basildon, called ‘BOSP Tots’.  The weekly session will be for isolated parents who have a baby or little one with a disability.  The sessions will help families to feel less alone, knowing there are other families in the same/similar position – people who really understand what they are feeling and the struggles they are going through.


Burkina Health Foundation (BHF): One in ten school children in Burkina Faso have vision problems.  With the support of the ALMT, BHF are working to identify school children with poor vision and provide them with spectacles in Bobo Dioulasso.  By restoring visual potential in children the project will improve their chance of completing their education, improve their personal development and ensure that they can contribute to society when they grow up.


Chance to Shine and Capital Kids Cricket: The ALMT are again supporting Chance to Shine and Capital Kids Cricket to run a programme of specialist cricket activities in four Hospital Schools across London. The project aims to give children respite from their treatment, reduce periods of isolation and improve physical and emotional wellbeing.  By enjoying physical activity children are able to interact with others in an informal way and bring some normality to their lives.


Eastside Young Leaders Academy (EYLA): EYLA specialises in steering children and young people vulnerable to anti-social and criminal behaviour, towards a life based on learning and leadership. The ALMT is supporting EYLA to deliver an intensive and holistic pilot programme which aims to halt participants' involvement in criminal behaviour, membership of gangs and participation in violence.  


The Theatre Shed:  The ALMT are supporting the development of The Theatre Shed's annual Christmas production in Chesham which aims to improve self esteem, confidence and performance skills for participants and challenge perceptions about inclusive theatre and performers who have additional needs. The Theatre Shed will work with its existing community group to produce a fully inclusive piece of immersive cinema to be performed on 14th December at The Beacon School, Amersham. The ALMT are also supporting The Theatre Shed to make their many props and costumes more accessible to local schools.


Village Water:  Access to good quality water continues to be a major issue for many communities around the world.  The ALMT is excited to be supporting Village Water with their on their Solar-Electric Schools and Health project (SESH) in Zambia.  The project aims to provide safe water and decent toilets and therefore improve children’s health, school attendance and completion rates, particularly for girls.  


For more information on all our current partners, please click here





ALMT's corporate partner prove their pedal power

Written: 2 September 2019

15 brave members of the RenRe team took to the streets of London on 4th August 2019 to cycle 100 miles. The team were raising money to go towards this amazing year of challenges which aims to raise over £50k for ALMT partner projects, with the grand finale - climbing Mount Kilimanjaro!


Support the team

New Podcast: Jenni Thomas Talks About Child Bereavement

Written: 15 August 2019

The ALMT is pleased to announce the publication of a new podcast series featuring Jenni Thomas OBE talking about child bereavement. As a leading pioneer in child bereavement and having worked as a bereavement counsellor, Jenni is the Patron of the Angus Lawson Memorial Trust.  On these podcasts Jenni will share what children and parents have said was so important to them at this most difficult time in their lives.


Jenni Thomas Talks About Child Bereavement will launch later this year and episode one will feature a conversation with former England cricket captain Andrew Strauss, as he shares how he and his wife Ruth were helped by Jenni through the ALMT. 


You can view a preview of the first episode here


Thursday 15th Aug was the Ruth Strauss Foundation Day at Lords where attendees of the second Ashes Test were encouraged to wear red and turn the cricket ground #RedForRuth.


The podcast series will feature eight episodes as Jenni shares what children and parents have said was important to them at this difficult time in their life. The series will also feature conversations directly with those to whom Jenni has provided bereavement support. It’s Jenni’s hope that this podcast will become a valuable resource for those who may wish to benefit from her lifetime’s experience as a specialist in child bereavement through her career in the NHS. The series is co-presented and produced by journalist Nick Heath (@nickheathsport on Twitter).


While unable to directly respond to requests for bereavement support, Jenni is happy to recommend the Maggie’s Centres for those with a terminal diagnosis. Maggie’s is a charity providing free cancer support and information to anyone living with cancer. Professional teams including cancer support specialists and psychologists can provide help and information on talking to family members and children about cancer and dying. 


For bereaved children, Winston’s Wish offer specialist child bereavement support services across the UK, including in-depth therapeutic help in individual, group and residential settings. 

Winston's Wish


The podcast will be coming soon across all major podcast platforms.

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ALMT Trustees annual review and accounts 2017-18

Written: 31 July 2019

'The 17 projects funded by the ALMT this year continue to have a life-changing effect on the children they support and behind the projects are some phenomenal individuals driving ALMT funded projects forward. They work tirelessly behind the scenes, dedicating their lives to the charities they care about, and the ALMT is constantly blown away and in awe of the passion and skill shown by these extraordinary people.'


Just a snippet from Nick Lawson's opening message in the 2017-18 ALMT Trustees annual report and accounts 2017-18.


London-Istanbul on the saddle!

Written: 30 June 2019

On June 24th, James Cleverly and three friends set off for the adventure of a lifetime!

'We have now completed 6 days of cycling and it has been tough! We are near a town called Würzurg and have the aim of making it to Regensberg in two days. It is unbelievably hot at the moment so we may not make it... yesterday temperatures reached 39 degrees and tonight (as I am writing) it has been 30 degrees so it’s sweaty work on and off the bike. Our tent is quite literally like an oven!' 

James Cleverly


Keep track of their progress on instagram @theistanboiz
They aim to reach Istanbul by the 27th July but it is still too early to tell. 

May's challenge champions

Written: 1 May 2019

ALMT supporters have a history of mastering marathons, tackling treks and smashing cycles and this year has been no different.


Caren and Elena raised an incredible £2,427 by jumping out of an aeroplane. All money raised will go towards supporting the amazing work of Jenni Thomas OBE and the ALMT's grief and bereavement support service.


James Cleverly and his friends will be cycling from London-Istanbul on June 24th. All money raised will go towards supporting the amazing work of Jenni Thomas OBE and the ALMT's grief and bereavement support service.


Alex Hickman will be running 19km and sea swimming 8.4km in the Otillo Swimrun in the Scilly Isles. Money raised will be split between the ALMT and ALMT partner, the Ben Kinsella Trust.


ALMT fantastic corporate partner, RenaissanceRe, are at it again with 15 lycra clad cyclists taking on the Ride Prudential Surrey 100 this August. Money raised will go towards the company wide fundraising initiative for ALMT and ALMT partner, Ace Africa.

ALMT drop in on Footsteps Foundation

Written: 3 April 2019

Written by ALMT Trustee Alex de Winton.


'(We) were lucky enough to visit Footsteps Foundation in Oxford this week. During the project visit we saw something really very special. The Footsteps Centre specializes in the intensive rehabilitation of children and young adults with cerebral palsy, genetic disorders, epilepsy, neurological, neuromotor and undiagnosed conditions. 


Footsteps is one of our first co-funding projects...and (the Trust) is supporting them with a grant for physiotherapy totalling £23,000 over three years (currently year 1).


The therapy is carried out in a series of fully equipped physio rooms. Each child works one to one with their physio doing a range of specialist exercises designed to enable them to reach their individual goals. For some children the goal will be to walk independently, whilst for others it may be to be able to put on a pair of socks or to shuffle themselves to the edge of their chair. We saw several children during the morning all fully engaged with their physios. The physios are brilliant with the kids. One mother of a 3 year old explained that they come all the way from Devon and stay in a B&B for three weeks of intensive therapy several times a year. She told us about the huge impact the programme was having on her child, she seemed excited for his future.


We met another mother who comes down from Derbyshire with her 13 year old who has severe cerebral palsy. We asked her how she had found Footsteps and she explained that, before finding the centre, she felt her son wasn’t getting support “I just had to find something for him”. She googled and came up with the Footsteps Centre and said that she now has some hope for her boy who is making great progress – she hopes that he will be able to gain some strength and be able to shuffle in his chair which will greatly help her to go on caring for him and to enjoy more independence. So what seems like a small step is massively important and just wouldn’t happen without Footsteps.


We saw a little boy having some physio combined with music therapy. The centre has found this really helps the children as the therapy is quite intense so it adds a bit of variety and stimulation in a different way during the sessions. At 12.30 the sessions stopped for lunch and that’s when we saw something really special (as if we hadn’t already). This same little boy was carried back to his grandfather for lunch break and before his grandfather could take him into his arms, to the surprise of everyone, he took his first ever steps. It was an extremely profound moment.


Some families can afford to pay for treatment, but for those that can’t, the charity will fund up to 80 per cent of the treatment costs and in exceptional cases they will try to do more. This doesn’t include travel/accommodation. Families often fundraise individually to raise funds or pull in support from their wider families. Footsteps try not to turn anyone away and is aware of the need to include harder to reach families. 


So delighted we are supporting Footsteps, giving real hope for a better future for these children and their families.'

ALMT Spring update

Written: 20 March 2019

Get up to date with ALMT news and events in the spring update:


ALMT visit to meet Refugee Support Network beneficiaries

Written: 20 February 2019

This month, the ALMT and the Mac Bevan Charitable Trust (MBCT) visited Refugee Support Network (RSN) in Birmingman to see how the mentoring hub, supported by both Trusts, was going.


We met in a church in Birmingham for tea and samosas with five young refugees currently on the programme. One of the young men is called Ibrahim, he is from Afghanistan and his mentor is a retired Rocket Scientist. She noticed very quickly that Ibrahim had a talent for maths and, with his approval, contacted RSN to suggest he be entered for his GCSE. He's due to sit the exam in May. He had previously only been educated in the Quran at a religious school run by his father. When we asked if he knew he had a talent for maths, he said yes, 'I see numbers like a game'. We also learnt of the young people’s aspirations and achievements in engineering and nursing and their drive and determination was palpable. It was a really amazing visit and also one that was incredibly moving.


The ambitions held by these refugees have no limits and it was a humbling experience to meet such incredible young people and those running the project who work tirelessly with such passion and dedication to positively impact those who have suffered enough.

Read More

New partners and projects

Written: 28 January 2019

2019 got off to a flying start at the ALMT Trustees meeting this month with six amazing small orgs being awarded life changing grants for their work.


The Ben Kinsella Trust: With huge success from their 'Knife Crime Exhibition and Workshop' in Finsbury Library, the Ben Kinsella Trust, with support from the ALMT, are creating a similar space in Nottingham this year. With a space ready to go at the National Justice Museum, the exhibition will be open to young people from local schools and community groups and will take them on a journey through the space providing information on the facts of knife crime, what happened to Ben and, with the help of some amazing actors, the repercussions of carrying a knife, using a knife, or being with a person in possession of a knife.


Tushinde: With their family programme firmly established in the slums of Kenya, Tushinde will use the grant from ALMT to undergo outreach with up to 100 young people. The young people have been identified by the team at Tushinde as not currently accessing services available to them and this is predominantly down to lack of knowledge or support. The social workers, trained in the My Star model, will work with the young people to help them access the support they need.


Mtaala: A long term partner of the ALMT, Mtaala has been awarded the funds to support 15 students and their families through their education at Awegys School, Uganda. The three-year grant will support the young people through valuable years of their education as well as providing them with nutritious meals and support for their families.


African Village School Fund: Since 2012, ALMT has supported AVSF in supporting a community in Ekudzeni, Swaziland. ALMT has provided the funds to conduct vital repairs to Mungo's pre-school and the toilet blocks in the village. With the team currently on the ground in Swaziland, watch this space for a update of the works.


Fred Foundation: Many families wanting to access Applied Behavioural Therapy (ABA) for their autistic child are facing a lack of funding and grants to be able to pay for the vital therapy. Fred Foundation provides short term grants to these families to pay for the ABA while they await a funding decision from local authority.


Footsteps Foundation: The Footsteps Centre in Oxfordshire provides intensive physical therapy for babies and children up to the age of 18 who are affected by a number of conditions including cerebral palsy, neurological disorders, genetic disorders, epilepsy, stroke, meningitis, global delays and undiagnosed conditions. A grant from the ALMT with pay for over 400 hours of intensive physio-therapy using a unique piece of equipment, the Spider. The ‘Spider’ is a series of elastic ropes attached to an open frame which creates a ‘spider’s web, holding each child in their perfect postural position and enabling them to practise balancing, crawling, kneeling and standing positions, whilst concentrating on essential movements such as supporting, reaching, grasping and holding.


Festive thanks

Written: 17 December 2018

In 2018, with your support, the ALMT has granted almost £250k to 22 new and existing projects with 20 different small but mighty children's organisations. How has it happened? With Co-Funding from individuals and businesses alike, with head shaving and marathons, and support from regular donations.


Read more

RenRe Baking off for the ALMT

Written: 28 November 2018

This was no ordinary bake sale with RenaissanceRe team member rolling up their sleeves and rolling out the cookie dough for baking pride.

There were three categories to enter, 

Best Family Bake: Bakers can enter anything (sweet or savoury) that has been baked with family members. Entries must include details of those involved in baking.

Best ‘Free-From’ Bake: Bakers can enter any sweet treat such as a full cake, cupcakes, biscuits or brownies that do not contain either Gluten, Dairy or Sugar.

Best Showstopper - Firework Theme: Given that Diwali, Bonfire Night and Thanksgiving are all in November, we encourage bakers to enter a sweet or savoury ‘showstopper’ bake of any size or design.


After rigorous tasting and some in depth conferring, Nick and Kara chose their winners.

Best Showstopper Cake: Sachin Kanani

Best ‘Free From’ Cake: Jo Chappell

Best Family Bake: Henry Yorke


The event not only tickled the taste buds of the whole building, but people gave generously to buy the delicious treats on offer and it has raised over £600!!


Huge thanks to all the team at RenaissanceRe, anyone who bought a cake, and to Harriet James who was instrumental in the organisation of the Bake Off.

African Village School Fund making a difference

Written: 29 October 2018

It all began in 2001 when Lynn Frusher and Robert Nestor, with their family, were chosen to live for three months in a village called Ekudzeni (meaning “Far Away”) near Manzini in Swaziland. It was one of the first reality programmes for TV. They went with their three children then 12, 7 and 4. What started as an experiment became their home. The village is small and the only school was over ten miles away and up a mountain. There was no transport attached to the village. If the children could not make the school journey, they were not educated. Lynn and Robert were inspired to help build a village school.


They approached the village Chief, who gave them a patch of land for the school. They raised enough for foundations to be laid. Local people were largely responsible for the building. The school was very simple with no electricity. When the government heard about the school, they gave them a teacher on the condition that a house would be built for her and that there would be proper toilets built and proper fencing around. In the expectation of this being carried out, the Government also gave them a simple bus service so that children from outlying villages could come to the school.


The ALMT made a grant in 2007 to complete the teacher's accommodation, the buildings, buy the furnishings, pay for the boundary fence, pay the teachers’ salaries and buy stationery and recreational playground equipment.


In 2012, AVSF had made great progress in enabling children to access education and approached the ALMT for further funds to support the building of a bridge to help children access the school, one cow, six pigs,100 chickens and the means to plant a potate and vegetable field.


This project has gone from strength to strength and we are extremely proud at what has been achieved with hard work and dedication.


You can watch a short film about AVSF on our YouTube channel:



Read More

RenaissanceRe fundraising with style

Written: 26 September 2018

WOW, what a summer it has been for ALMT Corporate Partner, RenaissanceRe!


Alison Sergeant, Laura Pepper, Michelle Li, Sudhir Modvadia, Karl Stanley, Steve Thompson, Ina Kastrati, and Ayushi Khatani all took on the British 10k in May raising an amazing £4k. Hugh Brennan and Jamie Pearce also hit the tarmac in Berlin completing the marathon and raising an amazing combined total of £6k and...drum roll please... two weeks ago, Henry Yorke, Russell Lucas, Leo Barran, Matt Girdler, Joseph O'Malley, Howard Tovar-Porras, James Graham, Edward Cruttenden, Andreas Kempe, and Michelle Li, were at the mercy of the clippers and shaved their heads, raising an incredible £5k.

This partnership has been truly inspiring this year and we cannot wait to see what the team come up with in the next. Everyone at the ALMT would like to take this opportunity to say a humongous THANK YOU!

Fabulous fashion show with clothes from Captain Tortue

Written: 30 August 2018

Join us for a fabulous fashion show with clothes from Captain Tortue, evening wear from Forever Cinderella and sportswear from SJR with accessories from Stella & Dot.

On arrival you will be greeted with a welcome drink and canapes with an opportunity to browse some amazing stalls.

After the fashion show there will be a raffle and another opportunity to browse the stalls.


Fri 19 October 2018 - 19:00 – 22:30


Rothamsted Conference Centre, Harpenden, AL5 2JQ




Running mad at RenaissanceRe

Written: 12 July 2018

10 brave runners from ALMT's corporate partner, RenaissanceRe, will be taking on the Virgin Sport British 10k on July 15th raising money for the Trust and our partners.

This 10k course is a special one as runners weave their way through the very heart of London, running along the Embankment, passing by Big Ben, cruising next to Trafalgar Square, and darting past Westminster Abbey. The race starts at 9:30am and the weather is looking like it's going to be cracking!



You can sponsor them here;



Rachel Riley quizzing for the ALMT

Written: 28 June 2018

Rachel Riley has been busy battling it out in online head to head quizzing to raise money for the ALMT.

On May 3rd, online quizzing app Fleetwit launched in the UK. Fleetwit is a skill-gaming trivia app that rewards players for their knowledge with cash prizes and for each quiz Rachel won, she donated the money to the ALMT. For June 2018, Rachel has raised £2754!

Each week for six weeks, trivia fans could not only play each other to win cash prizes, they could also compete against Rachel Riley, who hosted a weekly live trivia quiz in the app.


Look out for dates for the next installment coming in August when Rachel will be back and ready to quiz her socks off!



Hiking boots on...

Written: 29 May 2018

This month has seen two amazing groups of people training hard and setting themselves humongous challenges involving multiple mountains.


First up is Mungo and Robbie who have headed back to Scotland this bank holiday with their Mums, Kara and Susan, to take on as many Munro summits as they can! A mega challenge to raise funds for Siblings Together.


'I am lucky to have a loving supportive family guiding me through my ups and downs. My brothers make great friends, most of the time, because there is always somebody to play with and they sometimes have something interesting to share! I not only have my brothers but I have the best cousin, Robbie, who is going to be by my side during this climb.

Last year, when we were up in the clouds this belief pushed me on to the top of the mountains and gave me a huge sense of achievement. This year the challenge will be steeper and I will have to lean on those feelings for support.'
Mungo Lawson


Support Mungo and Robbie here


Also taking on montains this summer is Helen Pattison with her friends Giles, Kat, Marcus, Leah and Tom. They are going to be scaling the three peaks this July, Snowden, Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike. 


'Guy and I are planning to scale the three highest peaks of the UK (Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis) with five fearless friends - Giles, Kat, Marcus, Leah and Tom. The challenge will see us ascend over 3,000 metres and walk 23 miles - all in just 24 hours!

Along the way we hope to raise money for the Angus Lawson Memorial Trust. The ALMT was set by my brother Nick who has spent the last 12 years, since his son Angus died, raising money for marginalised children around the world. 

Our team is busy training, squeezing in practice walks wherever they can. Please help spur us on with our challenge knowing we are helping the ALMT with each step and summit!' Helen Pattison


Support Helen here


SAS FC achieve FA Charter Standard!

Written: 17 April 2018

6 years ago, St Ann's and Sneinton Football Club, (SAS FC) had a girls team, but with dwindling interest, it lasted less than a year. A development plan was created, sessions for the girls team were started in 2014, and there was steady attendance of between 15 and 20 girls, across the 8-13 years age range. 


Over the last 12-18 months, there have had a core group of around 10-15 girls playing football regularly, with consistant managers, so entering into a league began to feel sustainable. With Co-Funding from RenaissanceRe and the ALMT, SAS FC have been able to employ a volunteer female coach to work alongside existing, experienced members of staff and, together, they are attending all of the local primary and secondary schools to deliver girls football development sessions.

By August 2018, SAS FC are hoping to have 1, possibly 2, girls teams in the Nottinghamshire Young Elizabethan League. This will be the first time that the communities of St Anns' and Sneinton have ever been represented at league standard by a girls' team.


'Thanks to this piece of development work, the club has had its Charter Standard status confirmed by Nottinghamshire FA, who will be attending the girls' training session on Tuesday 24th April, to present the plaque and trophy to the Club secretary. This achievement is the recognition of 4 years of hard work by the club's many volunteers, players and parents; but none of it would have been possible without the continued support of the Angus Lawson Memorial Trust.'
Mick Dawber - Child Development Worker, Epic Partners, SAS FC

New cricket coaching sessions at the Royal Marsden

Written: 13 March 2018

Chance to Shine have launched their coaching sessions at the cancer specialist hospital, the Royal Marsden in Sutton, funded by the ALMT. The sessions are delivered to children, teenagers and young adults up to the age of 25 undergoing cancer treatment. 


'Steve Peyman, Head of Operations at Chance to Shine, said "We're delighted to be able to provide the children at the Royal Marsden with the opportunity to take part in cricket sessions. We believe that all young people should have the chance to receive a sporting education and it's vital that this should continue despite the health problems they face. Cricket is an inclusive sport and our fantastic coaches ensure that each of their sessions is adapted to meet the needs of the young people. It's a brilliant way for them to develop their physical attributes as well as learning valuable social skills.

"Thank you to the Angus Lawson Memorial Trust, whose ongoing support is making cricket accessible to young people who are going through unimaginable circumstances and if we can bring a smile to their faces through these sessions that can make a world of difference to them."

Charlotte Weston, Teenage Cancer Trust Lead Nurse at The Royal Marsden said: "The young people really enjoyed the session with Paul as it was engaging and something different to the other group sessions we offer at the hospital."

Chance to Shine currently deliver cricket sessions at Evelina and Great Ormond Street Hospitals in London, also supported by the Angus Lawson Memorial Trust.


Read Chance to Shines update talking about the partnership with the ALMT.



New projects up and running

Written: 27 February 2018

We've got some new project partnerships up and running after a great Trustees meeting at the end of January.

Check out the ALMT partners pages to see our new and on-going partnerships:

All Ears Cambodia - The Auris Minor Project -  Cambodia - This project will provide free specialist ear and hearing services for high-at-risk, disadvantaged children at the AEC clinic in Phnom Penh.

Ace Africa - Nutrition in Schools - Kenya - Increasing the nutritional capacity and economic security of children, their households, and local community through the establishment of 10 Ace Africa Child-to Child Clubs in rural Kisumu, Kenya.

Ace Africa - Child Welfare Counsellor - Tanzania - Ace Africa counsellors provide a lifeline of support to children and their families in remote and rural areas of Arusha, Tanzania, where Ace implements its Community Development Programme.

Siblings Together - Monthly Activity Days - UK - Monthly Activity Days (MADS) provide on-going monthly opportunities for separated siblings to meet and enjoy creative activities supported by sessional leaders and skilled volunteersas.

Village Water - Safe Water and Hygiene - Zambia - Transforming lives in rural Africa through safe water, sanitation and hygiene. Better health means children can go to school more and parents have time to farm and provide for their families.


This is your year...

Written: 31 January 2018

Stephen Green is running the Virgin London Marathon for the ALMT this April, here's his story:


'I have been to watch the London Marathon every year since I moved to London 10 years ago now, and every time I went to see it I thought to myself I'd love to actually take part in this one day.  I could only imagine the sense of achievement you must get when you cross that finish line, after 26.2 gruelling  miles....26.2 gruelling miles helped though, with the absolutely incredible support from the massive crowds who turn out to watch this event every year.  So at the last one in 2017 after setting up camp at the 18 mile mark with a couple of friends (and a couple of beers!), as is now tradition, I once again became inspired to run this great event.....except this time I actually did something about it!  I contacted Nick Lawson literally the same day, and I think by midday on Monday I was already confirmed to run the 2018 London Marathon on behalf of the ALMT!  So I'm afraid I will have to break the 18 mile mark tradition this year, and my friends will have to have a drink for me as I run past!
Training: I've never really been a runner, in fact I used to purposefully forget my gym kit in school to dodge cross country practice!  Training, I therefore thought, would be hard.  But remarkably I have found it quite easy and have surprised myself (and everyone else i know!) with how I have taken to it.  I've already ran multiple competitive 10k's since I started training in April, as well as two competitive half marathons.  Without blowing my own trumpet also, I ran these in very respectable times (1hour 51minutes in the Royal Parks Half Marathon for example) if I do say so myself!  I have picked up a few small injuries along the way though, which has been a huge learning curve in how to approach running - warming up and down especially - I learnt this the hard way.  Now in the run up to the actual Marathon I have to up the distances and stay fit - easy?  Easier said than done!

You can sponsor Steven through his Just Giving Page

Winter update

Written: 13 December 2017

Check out our winter update - lots of projects coming up in the New Year.

Look out for our Spring 2018 newsletter!

Read the update 



New partners up and running

Written: 28 November 2017

Refugee Support Network enable young refugees, asylum seekers and survivors of trafficking to build more hopeful futures by accessing, remaining and progressing in education. ALMT are supporting an educational mentoring hub in Birmingham for 14-24 year old refugees, asylum seekers and survivors or trafficking.


With support from the ALMT's corporate partner, RenaissanceRe, the Trust is supporting the St Anns and Sneinton FC girls team as part of the ongoing relationship with SASFC. RenaissanceRe are looking forward to seeing their logos on the girls' team strip and hopefully catching a game or two. 

New Corporate Partner

Written: 1 September 2017


The ALMT are delighted to announce a new and exciting partnership with RenaissanceRe. This year we have some grand plans to set in motion so watch this space for updates on runs/cycles/climbs, partners, volunteers and all other exciting prospects this partnership promises to bring.

The team of over 100 are looking forward to getting their teeth into Co-Funding and meeting some of the ALMT’s long-term and up-coming charity partners. We’d like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to everyone at RenaissanceRe and get ready for a jam packed year!


More info about our new partner:

Climbing mountains for Siblings Together

Written: 7 August 2017

Mungo Lawson has roped in his mum Kara, aunt Susan and cousin Robbie to climb three peaks in the Scottish Highlands this month to raise money and awareness for long term ALMT partner, Siblings Together.


Together they endeavour to climb the most southerly Munro Ben Lomond, the most northerly Ben Hope and the highest Munro Ben Nevis. 


Being together as a family, creating memories through experience and pulling on the bonds that hold us tight is a poignant reminder of the simple but essential aim of Siblings Together.


Support their daring challenge 

The ALMT Annual Report and Accounts

Written: 26 July 2017

The Annual Report and Accounts for the year 2015-16 are ready for your perusal!

We hope you enjoy reading about the partners, events and successes from the year and if you'd like any further information about how to get involved please get in touch:

Read the annual report and accounts 2015/16


Read More

Siblings Together needs you...

Written: 1 June 2017

Long term ALMT partner Siblings Together are looking for Trustees to join their team.

This is a wonderful opportunity to be involved and inspired by a small, ground breaking organisation. Experience and skills in any of the following is an advantage: 

Mental Health
Social work


Learn more about our partnership with Siblings Together
Learn more about Siblings Together


Get in touch to find out more



Some wonderful news from Roddy McNicol

Written: 3 May 2017

The ALMT made a grant to the Ben McNicol Trust to furnish and equip a property close to the Children's Cancer Unit of the Royal Marsden Hospital, Sutton. The flat enables families to remain together during their child's treatment cycles. We received the below information from Ben McNicol's father:


"I had an email from the Marsden just this week letting us know that the flat has been fully occupied apart from cleaning days by very appreciative families . It is just amazing to think of this and what has been done thanks to the generosity of many people in our dear Ben's memory . The reality of being able to help families through difficult times gives us some comfort and the encouragement and monetary support from the ALMT helps renew our enthusiasm"

Read More

Marathon success for ALMT team

Written: 25 April 2017

Alice Wilton-Steer, Elona Kadiali and Joao Frois triumphed at last weekend's historic London Marathon and completed the epic challenge in style. The team has been training hard for months and have raised an incredible £11,000 and counting! We are so grateful for their dedication and commitment on behalf of the ALMT and were extremely lucky to catch a good luck hug at mile 23 from all three.


Want to take on the challenge in 2018? Get in touch:

World Schools Chess Championship

Written: 27 February 2017

We are delighted that Joshua John, one of the boys we have sponsored with Chess in Schools has become the first pupil in the Chess in Schools Programme to be selected by the ECF for international competition.


Joshua has been invited to the World Schools Chess Championship to take place in Romania from 21st April - 1st May 2017. 


We wish Joshua all the best for the championship. 

The last Burns - message from Nick Lawson

Written: 24 January 2017

Dear Friend


This evening I normally look forward to sharing a wee dram with you over haggis, neeps and tatties. It feels very odd this Burns night that we are not all together.


The ALMT, however, has been going from strength to strength and I felt it would be remiss of me if I didn’t update you with what we have been up to since we were all last together, and what, with your continued support, we could achieve in 2017. 


As a result of your amazing generosity at last year's Burns night, we have supported several new projects - in the UK we are now helping Chance to Shine take cricket into the wards of Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital, we are working with Southwark Community Education Council to offer extra teaching and mentoring to children in some of the most resource challenged primary schools in South London and our partnership with Magic Breakfast ensures more children not only get a decent breakfast before school, but also someone to hear them read.  Internationally, as a direct result of Burns 2016, we have partnered again with Afghan Connection to support a community based education programme in the Rustaq District of Afghanistan and grown our support of New Generation's street child programme in Burundi.


Every week new applications for funding arrive in the ALMT office.  There has never been a greater need for charities like ourselves to work at grassroots level. 


We'll miss celebrating our achievements with you at the Burns Night Supper this year, but there are still ways you can support us. You can make a one off donation or regular gift by using the button above or link below. We still have a London Marathon place available, or you could challenge yourself to an event of your choice! Let us know if there's a charity close to your heart and perhaps we could work together in making a difference. 
I wish you all a very successful year in 2017 and look forward to a wee dram with you again soon.


Did I really say last Burns?! ....




Merry Christmas 2016

Written: 21 December 2016

Merry Christmas from everyone at the ALMT.


Thank you for making our tenth anniversary a year to remember! Your support has allowed us to develop amazing new partnerships and keep supporting those charities where we know our involvement is having such a significant impact.


We kicked off 2016 with our special ten year anniversary Burns Night. Once again your kindness and generosity exceeded all expectations and over £200,000 was raised! What a night! As a result of your donations we have grown our vital grief support service and helped more families and children at the toughest of times.


Together we have made such a difference to children across the world - the ALMT is changing lives from Nottingham to Afghanistan, Wallasey to Cambodia.


Lets make 2017 even better!

Message from Nick Lawson

Written: 14 September 2016

On 19th September 2006 Ed Hutton, Peter Wyllie and myself sat down in the Covent Garden Hotel and started writing the articles of association for The Angus Lawson Memorial Trust. My eldest son Angus had drowned twelve days earlier and I was desperate in my grief to create some order from his death. If I could bombard positives at my massive negative I could make some mathematical sense of what had happened. 


The overarching aim from day one of the ALMT was we would strive to mitigate the suffering of the world's most marginalised children regardless of faith, geography or colour. I also wanted there to be no cost to any donation - to create a perfect transmission mechanism for each £1 from donor to child. To this date trustees have covered every cost the ALMT incurs. 


Last night we had our quarterly trustees meeting. I looked around the room at our skilled and talented trustees assessing each project put in front of us and I felt we had truly kept loyal to our mandate. 


The ALMT now have over 100 projects globally all fulfilling that original aim of mitigating child suffering. 


As well as granting the ALMT also provide skilled due diligence, bereavement counselling, advisory and administrative services for our projects and offer a co-investment platform to donors. 


On this our tenth birthday I want to say a huge thank you to all the fundraisers, donors, trustees and projects and our CEO Silvie Tonellotto for making the ALMT what  it has become. 



Nick Lawson 



ALMT Summer 2016

Written: 5 September 2016

It has been a busy summer at ALMT and we are proud to announce the continuation of our partnerships with SAS FC, ACE Africa, One to One Children's Fund and All Ears Cambodia. Above is a recent photo from the One to One Children's Fund's project in Kosovo.


We are also happy to confirm a new partnership with Epic Swimming. This project enables children of primary school age to be safe in and around water, increasing their awareness of water safety, swim survival and rescue skills, with the overall aim of reducing drowning incidences amongst children from the St Ann’s and Sneinton areas of Nottingham. 

London Marathon 2016

Written: 27 April 2016

AMLT would like to send out a big THANK YOU to our fabulous marathon runners who took part in last Sunday’s Virgin Money London Marathon and raised an amazing collective total of £21,521.31.


Congratulations to Alex Wimborne, James Chalmers, Charles Beddow and Emma Beddow who all completed the gruelling 26.2 miles through the streets of London on behalf of AMLT. The funds raised will go towards some of the wonderful projects supported by the ALMT and will make a huge difference! Thank you so much for your fantastic efforts.


Above are photos of Alex and James in action. Luckily the weather remained bright and sunny throughout the race.


Please let us know if you are interested in finding out more about the work of the ALMT or if you are interested in fundraising for the charity.  

The muddier the better

Written: 19 April 2016

16-20 kilometers of mud and obstacles built to test mental grit, camaraderie and all-around physical fitness. A team-oriented challenge with no winner, no finisher medal, no clock to race against—just an ice cold drink and a few good scrapes from a day spent outside and free from everyday troubles. 


Ten brave members of the Corney and Barrow Bars team have signed up and are in training for the event in south London on the 24th September 2016. They are used to serving food and wine but on this occasion they will be serving their competitors rage and muddy aggression.  


In the run up to the event they will be fundraising for their chosen ALMT partner, Siblings Together. 

Our ten year marathon champions

Written: 5 April 2016

19 days and counting until our brave five take to the streets of London to run 26.2 miles in support of the ALMT.


This year Charles Beddow, Emma Beddow, James Chalmers, Andrew Tomlinson and Alex Wimborne are donning the ALMT running vest and fundraising as hard as they are training.


To find out why they are running, watch the ALMT 10 year film


Support the team by using the links below:



The ALMT are hiring

Written: 7 March 2016

The ALMT are looking for a Trust Secretary to join our small team. 


This one year maternity cover position of Trust Secretary is a great opportunity for someone with experience in the charity sector to meet a wide variety of small charities and organisations, work closely with them in writing applications and reports, and enjoy the support of an active Board of Trustees in grant making decisions. The ALMT is based in a shared office with a great team of like-minded charity professionals.


2016 will incorporate a new structure for the ALMT, both fundraising and administrative, something the right candidate can help shape and evolve to make their own during the post.


This position will work hand in hand with the ALMT Partnerships Development Manager and there is potential to visit funded projects both in the UK and overseas. It’s a super opportunity for someone with great time management, efficient administration skills, creative flair for communications and a love for the sector, to flourish.


Visit Charity Job and apply

Read More

Burns Night 2016 - going out in style

Written: 29 February 2016

BURNS NIGHT 2016 has raised over £190,000 thanks to you!!!


What a night and what a result. Burns Night 2016, which took place at Troxy, London, E1 on January 28th, was a spectacular night that inspired, informed and filled the dancefloor.


Dave Brown and Jenni Thomas OBE spoke beautifully about the ALMT bereavement support service, followed by the ALMT 10 year video. Movie star Luke Evans and Nick Lawson then took to the stage for a hilarious game of Head or Tails and Countdown's Rachel Riley drew the raffle.


Over £100,000 was pledged direct to ALMT charity partners with over £30,000 going towards supporting Jenni Thomas and the ALMT's Bereavement work.


View the Video


View the album

Read More

Corney and Barrow Bars top the Christmas fundraising charts

Written: 7 January 2016

It's a pleasure to announce that all 11 Corney and Barrow Bars (C&B) across the City of London and Canary Wharf, collectively raised £7,698.71 in December. Customers were asked to add an extra pound to their bill throughout the month of December. A huge thank you goes to the Managers and their teams who worked tirelessly in raising this amazing figure and, of course, the generous public who were more than happy to help!


The funds will support Siblings Together, C&B's chosen ALMT partner for financial year 2014-15, and will go a long way in helping them to run the Monthly Activity Days, bringing siblings separated through the UK care system together, some for the first time since being torn apart.


Highlights from 2015

Girls Access to Education (GATE) in Cambodia film

Written: 24 November 2015

Hear it from the mouths of the girls themselves in this lovely video produced for the ALMT by Lotus Outreach.


We're hugely proud of this partnership and it's successes and can't wait to feature it at the Last ALMT Burns Night in January 2016.


Watch the GATE interviews

Watche the GATEways interviews



They've got the power

Written: 20 October 2015

Burns Night 2015 raised £716 in pledges to help Mtaala Foundation in Uganda buy solar panels to keep their community clinic running and sustainable.


The panels were recently installed and we're delighted to share with you the moments they went up to start soaking up the sun.


Read more about the ALMT's partnership with Mtaala

The end of an era

Written: 14 October 2015

It's time to say goodbye to the City's favourite event.


The ALMT is approaching its hundredth project and continues to grow and adapt. All good things must come to an end, and although Burns Night has played a pivotal role in supporting the ALMT, it’s time to say goodbye to one chapter and hello to the next!


We are going large with this event with a bigger venue, bigger entertainment and a bigger impact on ALMT charity partners.

The date is Thursday January 28th 2016 at Troxy E1.


Tables are available in 10’s, 12’s or 16’s and are priced at £180 per person. This price includes reception drinks, a three course dinner, fabulous entertainment and hopefully some great memories.

Get in touch to reserve a table.

Nottingham meets Zambia

Written: 28 September 2015

The ALMT's two favourite footballs clubs are finally meeting! St Ann's and Sneinton FC (SAS FC) in Nottinghamshire and CTT Sport for Good in Zambia are coming together in Zambia this week! Connor and Danny, two amazing managers from SAS FC flew out to Lusaka on Friday 25th and have a full week of activity planned.


Working with another ALMT partner, Alive and Kicking, SAS FC secured sponsorship of £200 to provide some new, locally made footballs for CTT. This week, Connor and Danny have a full programme planned of Child Rights Training, sharing best practice and beginning what will hopefully be a long and exciting partnership between the two football teams.


The young footballers in Nottingham can't wait to see pictures and videos of their Zambian partners and we can't wait to show them...


Watch this space for footage from the trip.

A beautiful thank you from Mtaala Foundation

Written: 11 August 2015

We were so pleased to receive this beautiful thank you poster from the young people at Awegy's School in Uganda we just had to share it!


You can find out more about our partnership with the Mtaala Foundation here

ALMT Sensational summer newsletter

Written: 6 August 2015

Read about what the ALMT has been up to this summer and find out about our grand plans for our tenth year in 2016!

Read the newsletter


ALMT annual report and accounts for 2013-14

Written: 29 July 2015

We had a super year last year funding more partners than ever before and forging new relationships with co-funders. Look for the co-funding pins to find out more about the scheme and read about all our fabulous partnerships.


Read the annual report




Our very own Jenni Thomas on the Happy List 2015

Written: 22 July 2015

Endorsed by David Cameron and now in it's eigth year, the Mail on Sunday's Happy list honours 100 people who make Britain a happier place to live. Nominated by members of the public, the list recognises individuals who give rather than take and we are so proud that Jenni Thomas OBE was one of this year’s amazing 100.


Here's what they had to say about Jenni:

'Jenni Thomas - Family supporter

A nurse who pioneered counselling and help for families of children who had died, in 1994 she founded Child Bereavement UK in a bedroom at her Buckinghamshire home. Since then, it has grown, got its own headquarters, and, thanks to grandmother Jenni, helped huge numbers of families.'


The ALMT are so proud to be able to support Jenni in delivering the ALMT bereavement service and we think there's no-one more deserving of such an accolade.


What the Mail on Sunday says about the Happy List:


'This year’s list includes: a foster mum who has cared for over 1,200 children over four decades; a teenage cerebral palsy sufferer who defied the odds to sail the Channel; one of Britain's longest serving Samaritans; a woman who has cleared tonnes of plastic from Britain's beaches; and a farmer so passionate about preserving the countryside he refused an offer of £275 million to develop his land.

These are the smiling faces that truly deserve celebration. And, unlike other lists, the Happy List is not a crass hierarchy but a completely unranked celebration of good deeds, large and small. They are all to be equally applauded. In these disordered times of sharp division, let's salute these extraordinary efforts that make for a better Britain.'


Read the full article


Learn more about Jenni Thomas and the ALMT

ALMT Burns Night is continuing to make an impact

Written: 8 July 2015

Each year at the ALMT Burns Night, our guests are given the opportunity to pledge direct support to our partners. This year, Alive and Kicking, received over £1250 to pay for the production and distribution of footballs in Kenya. Alive and Kicking is an African social enterprize that manufacture sports balls giving children the right to play while providing much needed employment for the local community. In 2013 the ALMT parntered with Alive and Kicking to run a three day football tournament for blind and visually impaired children in Kenya.


Alongside the footballs, an initiative from the FA and RAF means that the children in slum communities in Kenya also receive sporting equipment, so these footballs were given alongside kits, boots etc. 


Other balls pledged at  Burns Night have been split between the Giraffe Project ( and Kivukoni School, an international school who will use them in a partnership they have with a charity for disabled children. 


It's amazing how far a £15 donation at a charity dinner can go!


Cycling the Ridgway

Written: 8 July 2015

Just after completing his GCSE's, Billy Hickman, accompanied by his grandad and father, successfully completed his Ridgeway cycle challenge. The 87 mile cross-country journey started at Overton Hill, Wiltshire and ended at Ivinghoe Beacon, Hertfordshire. The terrain was very varied - the Ridgeway runs across fields, along footpaths, through woods and even a golf course and they even had to carry their bikes over several stiles (where the Ridgeway became 'footpath' only)!  The final few miles were walked as bikes were not permitted. 

Billy raised over £3000 for his three chosen charites and we were delighted to have been one of them alongside 'Blue Skye Thinking' and 'The Cardinal Hume Centre'.


A HUGE thank you to Billy and his family for this amazing challenge.

Awards all round for the boys from St Ann's

Written: 24 June 2015

It was an honour to be invited to Nottingham last month to celebrate with the teams of ALMT supported St Ann's and Sneinton Football Club (SAS FC) at their end of season presentation evening.


Highlights for us were definitely being awarded a beautiful photo album featuring images of our journey together and achievements along the way.


It was also a pleasure to be asked to present the award for 'volunteer of the year' to coach Jo who gives up much of his free time to the club and is loved by everyone. 


It was an occasion that brought together a whole community and we cannot wait until next year!!!

This has all been made possible thanks to the team at Epic Partners and all the coaches and volunteers at SAS FC.

New partners and continuing relationships

Written: 16 June 2015

The ALMT Board of Trustees gathered last week and we are delighted to announce our new partners and existing projects achieving amazing things.


Afghan Connection - received year two of a three year partnership to delivery Community Based Education (CBE) in Warsaj district, Afghanistan. The first year has been a huge success with Afghan Connection fundraising to double the ALMT grant and enrolling and amazing 1421 children into CBE, way above the predicted 608!


DOST UK - Having partnered with Dost during 2013-14, we were in no doubt that this organisation is making a huge impact in Pakistan. This year we are providing the funds to enable a day care centre for street children open during the night. This includes security, food and bedding and will prevent up to 240 children sleeping on the streets and living in danger.


Village Water -  Village Water improve health and wellbeing through participative hygiene education, basic sanitation and safe water provision in communities, schools and health centres, wherever children spend their days. The ALMT have committed to supporting Village Water delivery this vital service to three schools and communities in Zambia.


New Generation - Burundi is the second poorest country in the World and the ALMT are pleased to be supporting the Road to School Programme. This will include a Street Outreach Worker that will make daily visits to street children in a “mobile safe-space”, a bus owned by the project. Food, uniforms, school fees and a second part-time Teaching and Activities Co-ordinator to double the current number of children in attendance to 80. The provision of a part time assistant and counsellor to increase integration.


Street Child United - The ALMT have supported Team Philippines in the Street Child World Cup for two consecutive tournaments and when we were approached to help them get the Rio for the Street Child Games, we didn't hesitate. We're looking forward to cheering them on in 2016!!


New year, new partner for Corney and Barrow Bars

Written: 26 May 2015

We are delighted to announce that after a successful partnership with Footsteps Foundation in 2014/15, Corney and Barrow Bars (C&B) have chosen Siblings Together as a beneficiary of their ALMT fundraising for 2015/16.


The team at C&B raised an amazing £10,660 last year for Footsteps Foundation by running, partying and collecting Christmas donations from their regulars and they are looking forward to another big year.


Siblings together have been an ALMT partner for over five years. Their work focusses on building new memories and experiences for siblings separated in the care system. Money raised by C&B will help Siblings Together to run more monthly activity days and siblings camps, opportunities for young brothers and sisters to have some rare quality time with each other.


Watch this space for info about upcoming events at C&B.


Learn more about Siblings Together.

Learn more about Corney and Barrow Bars.



As if studying for exams wasn't hard enough...

Written: 20 May 2015

Billy Hickman has set himself the challenge of cycling 87 miles after completing his GCSEs this summer. Alongside his dad and Grandad he will be aiming to raise money for the ALMT, Blue Skye Thinking and the Cardinal Hume Centre. 

They will be cycling along the Ridgeway National Trail, Britain's oldest road, from Marlborough in Wiltshire to Ivinghoe Beacon in Hertfordshire. 


We're super proud to have been chosen as one of Billy's charities and can't wait to see some pictures of the big adventure.


You can support Billy's journey here 

Our marathon super stars

Written: 6 May 2015

The Virgin London Marathon never fails to be an awe inspiring day with over 38,000 runners hitting the streets of london. The marathon finish line is not only the end of a 26.2 mile run, but also the end of months of training, dedication and anticipation. This year, the ALMT were out in force to watch Jane Good, Murray Roos and Mark Braley take on the challenge, and with an accumulated fundraising total of over £35,000, they have made us extremely proud!


If you want to take part in the Virgin London Marathon 2016 for the ALMT the ballot is now open to register online and closes on Friday 8th May at 17:00. 


Enter the ballot


Alternatively, if you think you can raise over £4,500 for the ALMT, get in touch now and we'll reserve you a spot for 2016. It's going to be a big year for the ALMT as we will also be celebrating 10 years!

Dragon School choose ALMT as a beneficiary

Written: 21 April 2015

The ALMT were bowled over when we received a cheque for £1000 from Dragon School in Oxfordshire.


Ben Stringer and Charlie Welpton, both in year 5 at Dragon School, were so inspired by the work of the ALMT that they nominated us to receive some of the proceeds raised at the annual Dragon Christmas Charity Sale. Not only that, they pitched for the ALMT and gave a presentation on what we do and why we deserve the funds.

We are humbled and elated to have not only received such a valuable amount of money, but also that we have influenced two very special boys to help other children around the World.


Huge thanks go to Dragon School, all those that gave so generously at the Dragon Christmas Charity Sale and of course to Ben and Charlie who did such a fantastic job of telling the ALMT story!


Sporting Achievement Award goes to SAS FC

Written: 24 March 2015

The best person to tell this story is someone who has watched this football club evolve over the past two years, Mick Dawber. This is what he said about this partnership at the ALMT Burns Night supper in February:


'I could quote stats to you about St. Ann’s being amongst the 10% most deprived areas in the country, but stats don’t really paint a comprehensive picture. The reality is that there is some real hardship in our local community, but there is also a strong sense of unity, and a desire to make positive change for the future.

Thanks to the funding and support from The Angus Lawson Memorial Trust, SAS FC has grown from 1 team to 8 in just under 2 years, and has a solid foundation to ensure long term sustainability, but we still have a long way to go...We can identify individuals, steer them into football and away from negative life choices. Children as young as 6 are referred to us by the police, as they are associating with young men known to be involved in criminal activity.

We are also working with some of the more vulnerable and needy young people in our community, who have that many barriers to participation that without our assistance, it would be impossible for them to play football. Some of the children that we work with, some as young as 10, are full time carers for family members. This means that they cannot attend matches, as they need to be at home.

With both groups we are starting to see an increase in self-confidence, improved social skills, and a reduction in negative behaviour, both in school and in the community, as a result of playing for SAS FC.'


It's no surprise to us that they are being recognised for the success of what is now a thriving, fun and successful community football club.


Read more about the NCH charity awards here.

Our super supporters

Written: 18 March 2015

Thank you from Whitehawk After School Club

Written: 12 March 2015

We were delighted to receive this lovely thank you from the children who attend Whitehawk After Schools Club (WASP), a project run by Impact Initiatives in Sussex. The ALMT have supported the project though difficult financial times for the past two years, without this support, the club was facing closure and we're extremely proud to have played a vital role in their survival.


Read more about the partnership 

Fundraising just got fun

Written: 27 February 2015

The ALMT have three runners in this year's Virgin London Marathon and one of them is pulling out all the stops with her fundraising. Jane Good organised and hosted an amazing party at Bianco 43 in Blackheath last Friday 27th February.


100 fabulous guests arrived to enjoy a marathon themed raffle, drinks and snacks provided by Bianco 43 and to show their support for Jane and the ALMT.


The ALMT were there to chat to guests and we took a couple of snaps while we were there.


You can sponsor Jane here:


Burns Night strikes again!

Written: 11 February 2015

Although we were a little late for Burns Night, it didn't stop our piper, whisky drinkers and haggis lovers from joining us at Café de Paris last Thursday 5th February for dinner and a celebration of everything the ALMT does.


We can't wait to update you on the grand fundraising total but for now, here's a few sneaky preview shots from the night.


Thank you to all who attended and all the wonderful suppliers and people who helped make it happen...


Canaccord Genuity * Blackleaf Events * The Famous Grouse * Roberta Howett * The arty one * Café de Paris * Astley Clarke * Edward Waites * Ciaran Lee * Alannah Wilkins * Silvie Wallington * James Veale * Folie a Deux * Corney and Barrow * Superskills Travel * Berry Bros & Rudd * Will Ayres * The Hide Bar * Pasha Kovalev * The Hawksmoor * Hiver beer * The Whisky Show * Betty Etiquette * Sweet arrangements * Mongoose Cricket




Corney and Barrow cheque presentation

Written: 22 January 2015

The team at Corney and Barrow (C&B) bars spent December asking customers to add £1 to their bill to support the ALMT and our chosen partner, Footsteps Foundation.


They raised an amazing £5136 so the ALMT gate crashed their managers meeting to pick up the cheque and say a huge THANK YOU!


You can learn more about Footsteps Foundation on the ALMT partner page

Corney and Barrow Christmas

Written: 1 December 2014

Corney and Barrow bars accross the City of London will be asking you to add £1 to your bill this December to help the ALMT in supporting charity partner, Footsteps Foundation.


Last year, this amazing incentive raised over £8k for the ALMT and we're hoping to beat the total this year! Get yourself down to any one of the amazing bars, enjoy delicious wine, cocktails and food, and then add just £1 to your bill at the's that easy!


Whether you are looking for a post work glass of wine, an explosive Christmas party or ice skating in Exchange Square, Corney and Barrow can make it happen in style...check out their Christmas info.


Learn more about Footsteps foundation

Awegys School in Uganda say thank you to the ALMT

Written: 25 November 2014

Mtaala Foundation works with Ugandans to help Ugandans. It's aways nice to receive thank you letters, expecially when they're hand written. Read a little about the Mtaala journey below and find out how the ALMT got involved on the project page.


Several years ago, Alice Wegoye, a retired school teacher and mother of ten, felt she needed to help Uganda's orphans and children affected by war and extreme poverty. So she turned her house into a dorm, gave up her home and her land, and used her tiny pension to begin construction of a school in Kigo, Uganda. 


In 2008, inspired by Alice's dedication and vision, the Mtaala Foundation was set up to support and sustain what Alice had begun. in 2014-15 the ALMT are providing the organisation with the funds to cover 15 educational sponsorships. These sponsorships provide a crucial foundation for vulnerable children and at-risk youth who have endured war, the loss of their parents, the HIV epidemic, neglect and extreme poverty. The cost of an education for one year will also benefit the whole school with contributions towards the teachers, food for staff and pupils and accommodation which will create a stronger learning and nurturing environment.



Our fundraisers are smashing their targets

Written: 17 November 2014

We're amazingly proud of our supporters this week as they smash through their fundraising targets.


Simon Martyn and the ALMT are fundraising to produce an educational video to raise awareness about the dangers of water and young children. Not only did we succeed in raising the £35k needed but the video was also featured on ITV Breakfast and national news. The video has also achieved over 9500 views on the ALMT YouTube channel and we hope this figure continues to grow.


Support the video

View and share the video


Kathya Wright has walked 700km from Pamplona to Santiago de Compostela covering around 20km per day. She set off at the beginning of October and we are so proud of her! She took on a real challenge and has beaten her £2k fundraising target.


Sponsor Kathya 



ALMT Burns Night 2015 SOLD OUT

Written: 12 November 2014

We're very happy to announce another full house for this year's ALMT Burns Night dinner. London's glamorous venue, Cafe de Paris, will play host for the second time in the events nine year history and we can't wait to return to this amazing venue.


We will have two very special guest speakers and a host of treats for our supporters and their guests. We raised over £70k at last year's dinner and we want to raise even more this year.


Watch this space for extra tables added in the New Year!

And we're off...

Written: 20 October 2014

Each year the ALMT face high demand for tickets and tables to the amazing annual Burns Night supper and this year is no different.


We'll be at Cafe de Paris on February 5th 2015 with almost 300 of our favourite people. 


We would like to hear from you if you're interested in supporting the event in any way e.g. auction prizes, sponsorship, volunteering...we're open to ideas. We'll always do our upmost to ensure your support doesn't go unnoticed so if you donate a prize/sponsor the event, we'll publicise how wonderful you are to all our supporters.


Get in touch if you think you can help, to buy a table or for more info:

Scoring new style in Nottinghamshire

Written: 14 October 2014

Having increased attendance to over 115 players in the past year and a half, St Anns and Sneinton Football Club (SASFC) figured it was time they got some style and identity and the ALMT were delighted to step in and support them. Supported in partnership with an ALMT co-funder, we are delighted that the teams have found an identity.


Being part of a team and wearing the team colours is extremely important for the young people who attend SAS FC. Some of the children have never felt accepted, trusted or a part of a team and by stepping into the clubs uniform they are part of a team, an integral part to the match and more than that, they are trusted to keep it, look after it and wear it with pride.

A simple 700km challenge!

Written: 2 October 2014

In Kathya's words: 'I will be walking about 20k a day, not because I am spiritual, not because I love travelling, not because I need to get fit and especially not because I need to be punished! I just REALLY want to raise funds for the Angus Lawson Memorial Trust ("ALMT").'


You can sponor Kathya here:


This challenge is not one for the faint hearted and we are in awe of Kathya's bravery! 


The walk starts in St Jean Pied de Port on the French side of the Pyrenees and finishes about 780km later in Santiago.



New grants update

Written: 25 August 2014

After a succesful Trustees meeting in July, the ALMT have five new partners to add to the ever growing portfolio of successes. If you didn't receive the newsletter, here's a brief outline of what's going to happen over the next year:


The Mtaala Foundation: After a full year working with Mtaala on their mission and strategy, the ALMT are very happy to provide the organisation with the funds to cover 15 educational sponsorships. These sponsorships provide a crucial foundation for vulnerable children and at-risk youth who have endured war, the loss of their parents, the HIV epidemic, neglect and extreme poverty. The cost of an education for one year will also benefit the whole school with contributions towards the teachers, food for staff and pupils and accommodation which will create a stronger learning and nurturing environment.


The Fred Foundation: The Fred Foundation is built on the principle of allowing children with autism to reach their potential. Too many autistic children are being denied the one thing that would make the most profound difference to their lives and to the lives of their families – an individual specialised education programme. The Foundation was therefore set up to help fund education programmes for children with autism and the ALMT have jumped on board to support 10 families over the Christmas period.


Street Child Africa: With the help of an ALMT co-funder, we will be supporting the provision of football coaching and equipment to deter 450 at risk children from drifting to the streets in Lusaka, Zambia. Typically these children live in slums, are victims of physical and sexual abuse, are orphans and do not have a loving family to provide for them. The sessions will also be used as an opportunity to talk to children about issues that affect them and to discuss their feelings and concern to staff who can sign post children to other relevant services run by local partners, such as skills training or informal and formal education.


S.A.U.C.E: S.A.U.C.E. is a Spanish NGO which stands for Solidarity, Help, Hope Joy and Belief. Their goal is to try to answer to the lack of education and health facilities in Cambodia, to support people with disability, to help rebuild infrastructures and to assist the vulnerable, especially youth and women. The ALMT have made a commitment to support 18 girls to be trained in using a sewing machine enhancing their vocational skills. The grant will also provide a sewing machine and a micro loan to enable an income for the girls.


All Ears Cambodia: Fifty percent of hearing loss is preventable. In Cambodia, chronic ear infection is a leading cause, particularly in children. Management of infection is commonly overlooked leading to needless hearing loss and life-threatening complications. All Ears Cambodia combines cost effective primary ear healthcare to prevent hearing loss, with rehabilitative hearing aid fittings for those with a hearing impairment. The ALMT are supporting paediatric clinics that will be delivered daily to detect hearing loss early, provide rehabilitation, and to tackle pre-cursor infection to prevent hearing loss.


To sign up for the newsletter, visit the 'contact us' page and you can view the summer update here.

Help us fund an important message

Written: 12 August 2014

We need your help to not only fund the production of 'The Danger Age' educational video, but also to enable us to keep supporting families in need through our grief support service.


View the ITV news item


Make a donation to the project and the ALMT Grief Support service


View the film

The Danger Age Video

Written: 6 August 2014

Last year, 10 children aged under four died in water accidents in the UK. In a bid to try and reduce this figure, a short film called The Danger Age has been produced by bereavement counsellor Jenni Thomas, in consultation with families who’ve lost children to drowning with the support from the ALMT.


The title refers to children aged between two and four, who are most at risk from drowning. The film depicts three tragedies, all based on real-life events, of children drowning in a swimming pool, garden pond and the bath. These are the most common places for accidental water deaths.


The film was featured on Good Morning Britain and ITV news today where Jenni Thomas OBE and bereaved parents Lorna and Jason Else spoke about the ALMT funded film 'The Danger Age' and highlighted the importance of being espcially vigilant with toddlers around water.


You can view the film here. Please share with as many people as you can and if you would like to support the production of the film and help the ALMT's bereavement support service for the future, please visit the Just giving page.


ALMT will be hanging out in a hanger

Written: 3 July 2014

We are looking forward to joining Exclusively Events at their prestigious two day extravaganza, The Elite London, on July 25th and 26th. We'll be hanging out in the family area with photographer Ciaran Lee, a dedicated supporter of the ALMT. You can find out more about the event using the link below.


If you are interested in learning more about Exclusively Events, or The Elite London, please contact

Fundraising for a very important film

Written: 1 July 2014

The ALMT is matching donations to produce an educational film to raise awareness of the danger of water and young children. We need your support to fund not only the making of this film, but also the ongoing work of the ALMT bereavement support service that supports families and children who have lost a child or sibling.


We need your help: For every £ you donate, the ALMT will match up to £12,500 making your donation twice as valuable. By ticking the Gift Aid box, you are also allowing the ALMT to claim up to an extra 25%, increasing your £ further. DONATE NOW

Find out if your company offers match giving and apply, the ALMT will also match any payroll giving.


This film will be based on the experiences and words of bereaved families of toddlers who have drowned and will be broadcast to a mass audience via television and the internet using You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, parenting networks such as Mumsnet and Granniesnet, and official education, health and safety bodies.

The film is being made with the generous pro-bono time and talents of Jenni Thomas OBE, Brad Williams, senior TV producer and media adviser for the London 2012 Olympics, Simon Walters, award-winning Fleet St Journalist and Caroline Jay, actress and author.

Footsteps join the ALMT team

Written: 18 June 2014

This year's beneficiary organisation of funds raised by the amazing team at Corney and Barrow (C&B) is Footsteps Foundation, a super organisation that improves the quality of life for children and young adults affected by neurological disorders, enabling them to receive the intensive physiotherapy they need regardless of whether their parents can afford private treatment or not.


The team at C&B have already raised over £1500 for Footsteps including five fit members of the team running the Bupa 10k last month.


You can find out more about Footsteps Foundation on the ALMT partners page here

Swapping spirits for soft drinks

Written: 13 May 2014

We're super delighted to announce that not only are seven members of the Corney and Barrow (C&B) team running the Bupa 10K in two weeks, they are running it to raise money for ALMT partner, Footsteps Foundation.


Sponsor the team here


Footsteps Foundation's mission is to improve the quality of life for children and young adults affected by neurological disorders, enabling them to receive the intensive physiotherapy they need regardless of whether their parents can afford private treatment or not. Since the charity was founded in 2008, they have provided financial assistance to over 150 individual children accessing over 500 hours of therapy at the Footsteps Centre. Children who were never expected to walk have taken their first steps. Others have developed independent life skills through their improving levels of confidence. Furthermore, the therapy has a roll-on effect, noticeably impacting on the lives of the child’s parents, siblings, carers and teachers


For financial year 2013-14, the ALMT will be supporting Footsteps Foundation with money raised through the C&B partnership.

This Carrs got a full tank of petrol!

Written: 17 April 2014

Danny Carr completed the Virgin London Marathon in 5 hours and 24 minutes last week and raised an amazing £9326.25 in the process! Danny has endured months of training, early nights and blisters and we hope it was all worth it!


Each year, ALMT supporters rise to the Marathon challenge and each year, we are blown away by the generosity of their friends, family and colleagues in their sponsorship!


We have five places for next year's event so please contact for more information.

Checkmate for Chess in Schools project in Bristol

Written: 2 April 2014

'Throughout the last four terms my class have been involved in the CSC programme with Kajetan Wandowicz teaching them.
Whilst in these lessons, my class have been completely engaged and motivated into playing chess regularly in and out of school.
Although originally some children found it hard to access some of the lessons due to limited knowledge using coordinates, I have found they have gained a lot in this aspect of mathematics and furthermore it has helped develop and aid their understanding during our class mathematics and ultimately their individual progression.
This year I have found my class completely emerged into mathematics and as a result of their chess lessons and class maths lessons simultaneously I have seen maths have the highest progress than that of any other subject we have been learning.'


Kirsty Miller from Year 4

Team Philippines off to a great start

Written: 31 March 2014

The 2014 Street Child World Cup, organised in association with Save the Children, exploded into life this weekend with the official opening ceremony enjoyed by a capacity crowd at the Lonier Maracanã, Rio, Brazil.


The ceremony featured music performed by the Rio de Janiero British School Orchestra, appearances from star footballers Gilberto Silva and Luis Boa Morte, and messages of support from Pope Francis and Prince William the Duke of Cambridge.


You can catch up on all the action by following the Street Child World Cup website where there are regular updates, score tables, videos and images being updated all the time. You can also help raise awareness of the event by tweeting #IamSomebody or by following the SCWC on Facebook or Youtube. 


Street Child World Cup on Youtube:




Danny's marathon 2014

Written: 4 March 2014

A brave Deutsche Bank employee is taking on the London Marathon for the ALMT on 13th April 2014.

Unfortunately ALMT Trust Director Silvie Wallington had become injurred and will be deferirng her place to next year.


Check our their fundraising pages, sponsorship goes to the ALMT!

Burns Night 2014 - Carnival extravaganza!

Written: 19 February 2014

Carnival, capoeira dancers and cocktails, another amazing line up for guests at this year's ALMT Burns Night.

The Partner for this year's event was Street Child World Cup who are currently just weeks away from hosting exactly that, a Street Child World Cup in Rio! Partnering with street child organisations around the World, the Street Child World Cup believes that 'this is more than a game'.

Find out more 


Burns Night has raised over £65,000 for the ALMT and Street Child World Cup and some of the funds will be used to support the Philippines team which was sponsored by the ALMT back in the Durban World Cup in 2010.


We are delighted and grateful to all our guests who not only bid in the auction, but also pledged their support directly to some of the ALMT's partners!


Here's to next year!

London Marathon count down!

Written: 11 February 2014

Danny Carr, Shilpa Kapur and, ALMT Trust Director, Silvie Wallington are all donning the lycra for this years Virgin London Marathon.

All our runners are marathon newbies and are looking for all the support they can get. Check out their fundraising pages below and, if you can, sponsor them to help them over those final few miles!

Change bereavement leave

Written: 13 January 2014

When a child dies, particularly if that death is sudden and unexpected, there should be provision for the parents to take paid time off work. While many good employers offer compassionate leave, there is no statutory right to leave and this campaign aims to introduce four weeks of paid “bereavement leave” for parents. The change could be made in the forthcoming Children and Families Bill anticipated this Parliamentary session.


Have you been affected by the lack of statutory bereavement leave? Please conact to share your story and fight the cause.



Corney and Barrow bars give the ALMT a very happy New Year!

Written: 6 January 2014

During the month of December 2013, Corney and Barrow (C&B) staff in 11 different Corney and Barrow bars were asking their customers to add £1 to their bill as a dontation for the ALMT. They have raised an amazing total of over £8250 and we'd like to say a massive thank you to the team at C&B and all their customers who have helped to make this a Christmas to remember.

ALMT Christmas hours

Written: 20 December 2013

The ALMT office will be closed from Monday 23rd December 2013 until Monday 6th January 2014.


Have a wonderful Christmas break 



Corney and Barrow is making our Christmas very special

Written: 18 December 2013

Corney and Barrow (C&B) began their Christmas fundraising campaign just 18 days ago and have already raised £5335 for the ALMT by encouraging customers to add just one pound to their bill! With 13 days still to go until the New Year, we can't wait to find out the final total!


It feels like Christmas has come early! THANK YOU C&B

Christmas update

Written: 17 December 2013

Read about our latest newsletter and find out what we've been up to!

Help change bereavement leave

Written: 27 November 2013

When a child dies, particularly if that death is sudden and unexpected, there should be provision for the parents to take paid time off work. While many good employers offer compassionate leave, there is no statutory right to leave and this campaign aims to introduce four weeks of paid “bereavement leave” for parents. The change could be made in the forthcoming Children and Families Bill anticipated this Parliamentary session.

Join the campaign and sign the petition now.



Read More

Songwriting charity in the press

Written: 26 November 2013

If you haven't heard about it already, we're supporting the Songwriting Charity's Bully Beat programme.

Bully Beat has been designed to enthuse primary aged children about the process of lyric writing, singing, music arranging and contemporary production whilst promoting a serious antibullying message.


The three key messages are: Looking out for your peers, particularly the most vulnerable; how to report worries, and keeping yourself safe. The more we talk about it, the stronger the anti-bullying message becomes. When you transform those messages into song, they are amplified and all the more impactive. Every workshop produces a song that every child has contributed to. It is written, rehearsed and recorded on the day, uploaded and available for free to download, that very evening. 


Read about them in the Sittingbourne Gazette

Corney and Barrow are at it again this Christmas

Written: 25 November 2013

For the third year in a row, ALMT's very special charity partner, Corney and Barrow, are going to be working hard over Christmas raising valuable funds for the ALMT and our partners. 


Customers visiting any of the Corney and Barrow Bars will be given the option to add £1 to their bill. Every single pound added will go to the ALMT! Enjoy delicious drinks, amazing food and exceptional service knowing that you are helping the ALMT with every bite!


Find your nearest Corney and Barrow bar now:

Check out the Corney and Barrow Christmas party pack:

Burns NIght 2014 prep in full swing

Written: 20 November 2013

Here's a little teaser of what you can expect from Burns Night 2014. Just check out some of the fabulous sponsors so far!

Super new grants for new and existing ALMT partners

Written: 23 October 2013

The ALMT has committed funding to the following partners for 2014 and we can't stop talking about it!


AfriKids - as a long term partner of the Trust, the ALMT will be supporting 150 children in Ghana with education materials and their families with healthcare and goats for rearing to help create a new stream of income that will go towards paying schooling costs in the future. 


Lotus Outreach - Now in it's third year, the ALMT is assisting another 65 girls in Cambodia to receive residential housing and educational scholarships.


Chess in Schools and Communities(CSC) - with a mission is to improve children's educational outcomes and foster their social development by introducing them to the game of chess in primary schools and inner city communities, the ALMT is proud to be supporting the expansion of the programme in Bristol.


Wallasey Sea Cadets - Wallasey Sea Cadets offers young people fun activities whilst achieving qualifications based on a nautical theme and the ALMT are helping them continue their hard work by providing the funds for new rigging, a trailer and TV's.

ALMT Burns Night 2014 - SOLD OUT

Written: 14 October 2013

We have sold out of tables for the ALMT and Street Child United Burns Night 2014. If you would like to be on a reserve list for a table, please contact

With carnival colour, capoeira dancers, cocktails and a Brazilian vibe, Burns Night 2014 is going to be a great warm up for the Street Child World Cup in Rio!


Learn more about Street Child United:


Tables are fast selling out for Burns Night 2014

Written: 3 October 2013

Join us in celebrating Burns Night 2014 with carnival, caipirinhas and fiesta!


The ALMT are partnering with Street Child United for this year's party. They have inspired 20 grassroots street child projects across the world to take part in the Street Child World Cup in Rio, Brazil, in 2014 and we want to help them all get there!


Tickets are available for tables of ten at £170pp, £1700 per table, and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Contact: to reserve your table.


Dress code: Lounge suits and cocktail dresses *****When: 23rd January 2014*****Where: The Bloomsbury Ballroom, Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, London, WC1B 4DA*****Time: 18:30 – 01:00*****

Read More

Bully Beat hits the press

Written: 25 September 2013

Kent online published a fantastic story about the Song Writing Charity's Bully Beat programme which has recently started in the Kent district of Swale.


The Song Writing Charity Founder, Nathan Timothy, summed up the ALMT funded project by saying:  


“The idea is to get children across the country talking through a regional and national network of song, promoting positive anti-bullying intervention."


“The more we talk, the stronger the anti-bullying message becomes."


“And when you transform those messages into song, they are amplified all the more.”


Read More


SAS FC step it up a notch in their new strip!

Written: 11 September 2013

The season has started in style for St Anns and Sneinton Football Club (SAS FC) with a brand new kit!

C&B Duck Derby is coming to Exchange Square

Written: 19 August 2013

Corney and Barrow (C&B) in Exchange Square are hosting the ‘C&B Duck Derby’ on September 4th 2013. The waterfall becomes a frantic and competitive duck race and for each entry, the ALMT receive some of the proceeds! This year, the ALMT and Corney and Barrow have chosen Peckham Shed as the beneficiary with money raised. The total will help us to support Peckham Shed in delivering their outreach programme in 2014.


It is £5.00 per duck to race in the event, there are several different heats and then a final race with prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.


It will run from 12.30 – 2.30pm and is a fun and ingenious way to raise money for the ALMT and a good excuse for everyone to have a mingle! 


Contact for more info or check out the Corney and Barrow bars website:

Annual Report and Accounts

Written: 29 July 2013

You can now view the most recent set of ALMT accounts and our wonderful annual review. Simple visit the About us page or download it here.


New grants and renewed partnerships

Written: 24 July 2013

We're delighted to announce two brand new partnerships this month with ACE Africa and Alive and Kicking. The ALMT Board also made the decision to continue supporting Siblings Together in delivering their amazing Monthly Activity Days, bringing siblings separated through the care system together.


Read about the Siblings Together partnership


ACE Africa: In the rural communities where Ace Africa operates, children are exposed to a challenging environment in which to develop. Problems facing these children include but are not limited to; being orphaned, living below the poverty line and inability to access food, education and medication as well as being forced to engage in child labour to help the household out of poverty. Girls frequently are absent from school during menstruation, and as a result miss one week in four, seriously hampering their learning in school.


Through funding from ALMT and the Mac Bevan Foundation, 240 vulnerable children will be provided with a school uniform who would otherwise not be allowed to attend school. The result of this is improved enrolment, attendance and retention in school, leading to improved academic standards. 1000 girls will benefit over a year from a monthly supply of sanitary towels, providing them with the opportunity to be in school month round.


Read about the ACE Africa partnership


Alive and Kicking: Operating as a social enterprise, Alive and Kicking uses sustainable business practices to meet the charitable objectives of generating employment for adults, providing balls for children and educating young people about preventable disease. 


Working with the ALMT, Alive & Kicking will run a series of coaching sessions and sports tournaments for visually impaired children in Kenya. Alive & Kicking are in a fantastic position to develop this initiative, being experienced in organising football tournaments and already making specially designed balls that contain ball bearings and allow players to rely on sound rather than sight. The project will provide visually impaired children with access to organised sport, giving them confidence, self-esteem and a feeling of solidarity, as well as three days of enjoyment.


Read about the Alive and Kicking partnership

Dynamos Day 2013 kicked off in style

Written: 2 July 2013

The British summer made a very welcome appearance at last weekend's Dynamos Day 2013.


Coaches from Downley Dynamos Junior Football Club have been working hard for months, organising a presentation day with a difference. There was no shortage of things to eat, drink and play with cake stands, a bar and even a coconut shy! The highlight of the day was the mascots race featuring Harry the Hatter from Luton FC, Harry the Hornet from Watford FC and Bodger from Wycombe Wanderers. The mascots displayed agility during the weave, precision in their goal scoring ability, and expert skills at attempting to trip their opponents! Harry the Hornet took the crown and helped the ALMT raise over £150 as the pubic placed bets on their favourite.


ALMT founder Nick Lawson became auctioneer for the day with the star lot, a Manchester United 2013 squad signed football, selling for £450!


The ALMT loved meeting the Downley community and this is definitely a day we won't forget in a hurry. We're counting the days until next year!




London to Paris - 'Mission Accomplished' says our intrepid cyclist Kuldeep

Written: 22 June 2013

Kuldeep Gill overcame a old knee injury to complete this epic journey and raised almost £2000 for the ALMT in the process. His photo does all the talking as he completed the 300m cycle under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, Paris, on Saturday 22nd June.


Our huge congratulations Kuldeep!


If you have been inspired by any of the challenges taken on by ALMT supporters, get in touch and we can work out a challenge that's right for you

They did it! Three Peaks in 24 hours!

Written: 19 June 2013

They braved the weather, the lack of toilet facilities and one another’s constant company, and raised over £4000 in the process! We are so amazed and proud of the team and only wish we had more room for photos. Annabel Bosman sums up the experience:


'...despite all the blisters, damaged limbs and fatigue the general consensus was that we enjoyed it in an odd sort of way and I did overhear someone discussing next year (I ignored him for now!)'



The Blenheim Triathlon: 'Fun, atmospheric and memorable'

Written: 13 June 2013

Alex predicted his training would be miserable but having completed the Blenheim Triathlon in a great time he can't stop talking about his experience! He completed his swim in 00:13:53, his cycle in 00:43:16 and his run in  00:26:29, with a final time of 01:32:11.


Alex talks about his experience:


'The start of the swim was SO atmospheric. One moment there are two hundred identically coloured green swim hats bobbing in the water. The next moment, looking forwards over the course, the air fills with flailing arms and foam. SO memorable. I could go on and on...'


Alex has raised over £750 for the ALMT and it sounds like this might not be his last challenge!


If you're interested in taking part in an event for the ALMT please contact

Nightrider was an 'amazing experience' for the ALMT challengers

Written: 12 June 2013

4,000 cyclists pedalled through London overnight on 8/9 June supporting over 200 charities; Seven of those cyclists were raising money for the ALMT! 


Mel Harwood and Gemma Bowman from Corney and Barrow took off from Crystal Palace and have described the event as an 'amazing experience'.

Nick Lawson, Martin Leeper, Andy Watts, Jon Dickingson, David Chapman and Justin Lewis all started the challenge from Alexandra Palace at midnight and tweeted their journey across London. 


Combined, the seven cyclists raised over £2,200 for the ALMT and we can't wait until next year. If you're interested in taking part in 2014, please contact

Rachel Riley is the ALMT's Lucky Star on ITV's 'Tipping Point'

Written: 9 June 2013

Sunday June 9th saw Rachel Riley, Chris Kamara and Stacey Solomon stand face to face with a giant coin drop on ITV's Tipping Point Lucky Stars. The aim of the game is simple, answer questions to have a shot at knocking coins into the prize bin. Presented by Ben Shepard, the show saw Rachel fly into the lead as Chris Kamara failed to win any money and Stacey Solomon was penalised for a couple of wrong answers.


When it came to the crunch however, Rachel was unlucky with the way her coins landed and Stacey went through to the final where she took home the £20,000 jackpot for her charity, Alzheimer’s Research UK. 


Before the coins let her down, Rachel had breezed through most of the questions and had managed to bank an amazing £2600 for the ALMT! Thank you Rachel for being such a sensational ambassador for the ALMT!

A month of challenge madness!

Written: 5 June 2013

As well as the eight brave cyclists taking part in Nightrider this weekend and the nine climbers tackling the three peaks on June 15th, this month still has more to give.


Alex Hickman will be taking part in the Blenheim Triathalon this weekend and in his own words: 'The training is going to be miserable but it will be a bit easier if I know that I'm rasing a few quid and I imagine you'll be thrilled to know that I'm going to suffer some discomfort.   The ALMT is a very efficient charity so I'm thrilled to be swimming, cycling, running for them.'

Sponsor Alex here


Kuldeep Gill is gearing up for the London to Paris cycle on June 19th. The ride is almost 500km long and Kuldeep has covered all the costs for taking part in the event meaning that every single penny raised will come directly to the ALMT.

Sponsor Kuldeep here

Deutsche Bank AWM team take on the 3 peaks!

Written: 22 May 2013

These fearless challengers will attempt to climb the highest mountains of Scotland, England and Wales within 24 hours. 


Ben Nevis (1,344 m or 4,409 ft), the highest mountain in Scotland
Scafell Pike (978 m or 3,209 ft), the highest mountain in England
Snowdon / Yr Wyddfa (1,085 m or 3,560 ft), the highest mountain in Wales

The total distance walked is estimated at 42 kilometres (26 mi) with a total ascent of 9,800 feet (3,000 m).


Stephen Green, Joe Knight, Annabel Bosman, Corin George, Matthew Garnham, Pritee Jilka, Damien Crommie and Daniel Bellamy have three weeks to prepare themselves for this momentus challenge which will take place on June 15th. They are all raising money for the ALMT and you can sponsor them here


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A helpful mention from some high class auctioneers

Written: 20 May 2013

One of the ALMT's youth ambassadors, Tom Eaton Turner, contacted Lots Road Auctions while volunteering for the ALMT during his Easter holiday. We were delighted when the auction house offered to feature the ALMT on their newsletter. 

Read the Lots Road Auctions newsletter


The ALMT are developing the Youth Ambassador scheme. Volunteering for the ALMT can contribute towards the Duke of Edinburgh award and with events and partners to visit throughout the year, being a youth ambassador is a fun way to get involved.

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One month countdown to Nightrider 2013 begins

Written: 7 May 2013

On June 8th at around midnight, 4000 cyclists will be hitting the streets of London, covering 100km to raise money for charity. Amongst them will be 11 ALMT supporters who have been training hard and are taking on the challenge to raise funds for the Trust.


Nick Lawson, Martin Leeper, Jon Dickinson, Jamal Shoukry, Justin Lewis, Andy Watts and David Chapman represent one of the ALMT's fearless teams. They will be starting their pedaling marathon from Alexandra Palace.

Sponsor them here


Gemma Bowman, Kirsty Butterfield and Mel Harwood are going above and beyond their management roles at Corney and Barrow(C&B) by giving it some pedal power starting from Crystal Palace. C&B continue to amaze with their dedication to the ALMT!

Sponsor them here


There are still a few places remaining if you would like to take part in Nightrider 2013 and raise money for the ALMT. Register here.



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Game show veteran Rachel Riley strikes gold again for the ALMT

Written: 21 April 2013

What a day for the ALMT, the Virgin London Marathon followed by some excellent television in the shape of channel 4 game show, 5 minutes to a fortune celebrity special. Raising money for the ALMT and Rethink Mental Illness, Rachel Riley and Russell Kane joined forces to face the hourglass of tumbling pound coins in a brain battle to win money for charity! 


Rachel faced 4 rounds of nerve wracking mental challenges to get Russell into the final when they stopped the clock at £18,200, an excellent total! 


Rachel Riley, ALMT ambassador, is a dedicated supporter of the ALMT and with her support we have been able to help thousands of children and young people around the World! THANK YOU Rachel and Russell for coming together to raise money for two amazing organisations.

Sunny, super, sensational London Marathon 2013

Written: 21 April 2013

The sun showed up today to support the 36,000 runners in this year's Virgin London Marathon. Among them were five people who have worked tirelessly in raising money for the ALMT over the past 4 months. Tor and Logie Fitzwilliams, Jonathan Barnett, Rich Herman and ALMT Founder Nick Lawson have collectively raised almost £50,000! 


Tor and Logie have pledged their fundraising to supporting the ALMT Grief Support services while Jonathan, Nick and Rich will work with the ALMT in directing their donations to various partners throughout 2013 and beyond. 


You can still sponsor them on their incredible achievement  by visiting their fundraising pages.

ALMT Burns Night raises over £8,000 in targeted grants

Written: 9 April 2013

Every year the ALMT hosts a flamboyant, fun and fantastical Burns Night Supper. For 2013, we thought we'd do something very special. As guests were entertained by Rachel Riley and Comedian, Patrick Monahan, they had the opportunity to pledge funds to directly benefit some of the ALMT's partners. 


The benefitting partners are:


Afican Village School Fund (AVSF) - ALMT supporters pledged money to cover the cost of calor gas for over a year at the AVSF kitchen, integral to sustaining their feeding programme.

Lotus Outreach - Guests pledged enough money to purchse over 10 bicycles for this innovative programme providing transportation for girls in Cambodia to attend school.

St Anns and Sneinton Football Club (SASFC) - The club now has the funds to buy trophies for an entire season!

Siblings Together - Generous donors pledged funds to cover the cost of tents and equipment for the annual Siblings Camps, week long holidays bringing siblings separated in the care system together.

Mac Bevan Smile Fund - This ALMT initiative is now able to support an extra World Care Patient in this partnership with Operation Smile. The Fund exists to support those with facial deformities too severe to be treated at Operation Smiles regular clinics.

Peckham Shed - Thanks to Burns Night, Peckham Shed are able to provide sign language training to volunteers and purchase sensory materials for their workshops.


ALMT Spring Newsletter

Written: 21 March 2013

Introducing opportunities with the ALMT to co-fund, volunteer and get involved. We have two new partnerships and the grand revealing of the Burns Night photo album!


Read More

Founder Nick Lawson in hot wing Mexican showdown

Written: 15 February 2013

Corney and Barrow, Mason's Avenue donned their sombreros and offered customers 2-4-1 margarita's to launch their new refurbishment and raise money for the ALMT.

Customers donated £10 each to take part in a hot chicken wing eating competition. Not to be outshon, Nick Lawson stepped up to the plate and put on a sterling performance, narrowly missing out on the crown and coming second.

The night raised over £250 for the ALMT! Another great event from the C&B team!

House of Commons reception

Written: 1 February 2013

This Wednesday 6th February, the Trust will host a very special reception at the House of Commons celebrating its collaboration with Jenni Thomas OBE and Caroline Jay on a new publication, 'What Does Dead Mean'. The book uses the questions children ask about death and dying and will play a key role in the development of the Trusts grief services currently offered.

ALMT and AfriKids Burns Night 2013 a great success

Written: 30 January 2013

Burns Night 2013 hosted by Cafe de Paris was a night for two great organisations to share delicious food, crazy cocktails and cringingly funny comedy from Patrick Monahan. Long term ALMT supporter Rachel Riley also took to the stage to host a fun quiz. Guests enjoyed a wonderful three course meal served up by Cafe de Paris and amazing bubbling cocktails from ALMT charity partner, Hire the Barman. Truffle trees garnished the tables and guests were invited to take a box home at the end of the evening. Each year, Burns Night acts as a unique platform to showcase the ALMT's achievements throughout the previous year and it never fails to inspire, invigorate and interest our VIP guests.

Watch this space for photographs from the night and our final fundraising total.

ALMT visit Lotus Outreach in Cambodia

Written: 30 January 2013

A representative from Lotus Outreach in Cambodia and the programmes manager from the Cambodian Women's Crisis Centre organised a full itinerary for the ALMT to visit the girls the Trust is supporting through the GATE programme. GATE stands for, Girls access to education, and the ALMT has supported the project for two years. The grant provided by the ALMT supports scholarships and residential housing for girls in 3 areas of Cambodia who would otherwise be at risk of trafficking, abuse and forced labour.

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