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What is Co-Funding?

Co-funding with the ALMT allows individuals, other Trusts and Foundations, and Companies to contribute funds directly to individual, vetted and approved, project partnerships. With fifteen years of experience awarding grants and working in partnership with children’s organisations around the world, the ALMT is best placed to support you in your philanthropy.

The ALMT Grant is funding a bus to reach kids who live too far away from their Arches II Centre in Brixton.


The Arches is a safe place where no children are ever turned away. They go there after school or during the day knowing they can have a hot meal, healthcare, find jobs and meet other kids in the same situation as themselves. It is a haven where they can escape drug dealers, abuse, and the loneliness of going home to a shattered home and neglect. The Arches II also provides basic health screenings as so many of the children self-refer off the streets and are not registered with a GP due to their chaotic home lives.


The children can use the Angus Bus to play, have holistic therapy, have a chat, and just be allowed to be children. It provides a happy environment, and the Angus Bus is decorated using the children’s ideas. Every day the Angus Bus goes out to different housing estates reaching out and making an enormous difference to socially marginalised children.

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