Parcels of Hope – Afghanistan

Linda Norgrove Foundation

Supporting education, health and childcare for women and children in Aghanistan affected by war



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The humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan is being widely reported with the harsh winter conditions and international sanctions hugely impacting on people’s lives. This project is delivering food and hygiene parcels and blankets to single mothers and their children who can no longer go out to work under the Taliban regime.


The Linda Norgrove Foundation (LNF) looks to support women and children in Afghanistan with small on the ground projects that directly improve people’s lives and via a student scholarship scheme. The foundation was established by John and Lorna Norgrove in memory of their daughter, Linda Norgrove, who was kidnapped and subsequently died during a failed rescue attempt in Afghanistan in 2010. Linda was committed to development work in Afghanistan and loved the country and its people.


It can be difficult to run projects in Afghanistan, however, LNF has worked with AGFO (Afghanistan Green Future Organisation) on previous projects and they are a respected and trusted partner. Each week AGFO volunteers carry out surveys in a different district of Kabul to locate women who head up families forced to leave their homes in the provinces, who have lost their husbands and who have responsibility for children under three years old. AGFO bulk buys provisions and makes up parcels of food and other essentials that should last a family for five weeks. Each parcel costs approximately £50. Recipients sign (with a thumbprint) to confirm that they have received the parcels and photographic evidence is provided. The LNF Country Director in Afghanistan also carries out spot checks to check that the project is running smoothly.


This project is delivering 150 aid parcels and supporting approximately 750 women and children through the winter months.

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