Paediatric ear and hearing care – Cambodia

All Ears Cambodia

All Ears Cambodia provides a unique medical service in a country torn by years of war. It works with all Cambodians from new-borns to the elderly – helping them to hear.



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The ALMT is supporting All Ears Cambodia for the third consecutive year. All Ears Cambodia continue their fight to eliminate preventable hearing loss and ensure every Cambodian child and adult in need of a hearing aid can receive appropriate support. Approximately 750,000 children have hearing loss in Cambodia. Fifty percent of hearing loss is preventable.


In developing countries like Cambodia, chronic ear infection is a leading cause, particularly in children. Provision of primary ear healthcare helps to curb infection before it can develop and permanently damage the ear. Foreign bodies are removed to limit damage, and hard impacted wax which causes pain, discomfort and hearing loss are softened and then removed. Those with permanent hearing loss are appropriately diagnosed and fitted with a suitable hearing aid and ear mould.


Following a model championed by the World Health Organisation (WHO), All Ears Cambodia combines cost effective primary ear healthcare to prevent hearing loss, with rehabilitative hearing aid fittings for those with a hearing impairment. Founded by British audiologist Glyn Vaughan, the dedicated clinical team are all Cambodian nationals (50% female) trained by Glyn through a two-year programme. Senior clinicians have now in turn become the teachers, leading the new recruits to become Primary Ear and Hearing Care Clinicians. The team support new-borns to the elderly, focusing on those most vulnerable and hardest hit.

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