Free access to adequate pre-school education – Mozambique

A Little Gesture

Promoting the improvement of living conditions for underprivileged children and their families in Mozambique.



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In Mozambique, only 4% of children have access to some type of pre-school education. Only 44% of students complete elementary school and 60% of adults cannot read and write, which is higher amongst women. Only 20% of students attend secondary school and university enrolment is under 1%. Pre-School education is essential in impoverished Xai-Xai to keep children from roaming the street and to start them on their education journey. Early year education provides local children with basic numeracy, Portuguese, school habits and emotional support. ALMT are working with A Little Gesture (ALG) to give free access to adequate pre-school education to children in the Gaza Province in Mozambique. With the incentive of free meals for young, impoverished children, this programme provides adequate education and nutrition for the poorest children and develops academic learning, improves study habits, secures improved nutrition, builds self-esteem and drives a reduction in delinquency rates and school dropouts.

In Mozambique, poor school performance is directly linked to limited access to pre-school education in deprived families. This project ensures free access to early schooling which will improve interactivity, self-confidence, and academic skills. In the Gaza Province, rural and underprivileged families use a dialect at home. This means poorer children are at an immediate disadvantage joining public school where the language spoken is Portuguese. The pre-school teaches Portuguese daily from three years old removing this obstacle ALG pre-schools receive street children from mono parental and often orphan households. They are often malnourished and at risk of future delinquency. EFI removes them from the streets and provides them with school uniforms, materials, and daily meals. The pre-school offers breakfast and lunch, which is for many children, are their only daily meals. School feeding ensures adequate nutrition, class attendance and student attention with the benefit of improved learning abilities and better academic performance. The project also provides free childcare to benefit mothers as it allows them to access a paying job. In the future, girls attending the pre-school will be better educated to make informed decisions and will be less susceptible to diseases and early motherhood.

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