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What is Co-Funding?

Co-funding with the ALMT allows individuals, other Trusts and Foundations, and Companies to contribute funds directly to individual, vetted and approved, project partnerships. With fifteen years of experience awarding grants and working in partnership with children’s organisations around the world, the ALMT is best placed to support you in your philanthropy.

Sport at Kids Company is invaluable as it forms part of a multidisciplinary approach to help regulate and moderate disturbed children’s behaviour. It gives a real opportunity to promote unity and tolerance; promotes teamwork and youth leadership; engages young people in the organisation of sport and empowers them to coach other young adults.


The ALMT grant is providing professional support for young adults training to become football coaches, equipment and clothing for teams and for new activities in drop-in centres. The project allows young people to build their self-esteem and help them progress in a safe and controlled environment and empowers young adults by giving them the responsibility of organising events and coaching others.

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