Emotional health support during Covid-19 – UK

Achieve Change Engagement (A-C-E)

Supporting young people to improve their mental health



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11-16 years

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The prolonged uncertainty and isolation caused by the pandemic is having a hugely detrimental effect on young people. The ALMT is pleased to be working with Achieve Change & Engagement (A.C.E) as part of the 2021 Campaign, to provide emotional health and wellbeing therapy for young people in crisis in Lancaster and the surrounding area.


Founded in 2008 and born out of a desire to create a service designed by young people and responding directly to their needs, A.C.E continues to put young people (11-25yrs) at the centre of their service. The team is skilled and experienced and includes two dedicated trauma workers specialising in support for young people who have experienced abuse or domestic violence. A.C.E puts young people at the heart of their work and provides stable support for each individual for as long as it is needed. A.C.E has seen seen referrals into their programme quadruple over the past 12 months and their waiting list has doubled with approximately 100 young people now waiting for support. Many young people that were making progress now need more support.


The ALMT grant will provide continuation funding for an Emotional Health Practitioner for three months, allowing A.C.E to reduce their waiting list and seek additional longer-term funding.

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