Coaching sessions and sports tournaments for visually impaired children – Kenya

Alive and Kicking

Alive & Kicking operates as a social enterprise using sustainable business practices to meet the charitable objectives of generating employment for adults, providing balls for children and educating young people about preventable diseases.



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What is Co-Funding?

Co-funding with the ALMT allows individuals, other Trusts and Foundations, and Companies to contribute funds directly to individual, vetted and approved, project partnerships. With fifteen years of experience awarding grants and working in partnership with children’s organisations around the world, the ALMT is best placed to support you in your philanthropy.

Working with the ALMT, Alive & Kicking will run a series of coaching sessions and sports tournaments for visually impaired children in Kenya. Alive & Kicking is in a fantastic position to develop this initiative, being experienced in organising football tournaments and already making specially designed balls that contain ball bearings and allow players to rely on sound rather than sight.


The project will provide visually impaired children with access to organised sport, giving them confidence, self-esteem and a feeling of solidarity, as well as three days of enjoyment. Growing up with a visual impairment in Kenya is a serious challenge. Visually impaired children face stigmatism and lack access to appropriate education; of the 15,000 children with serious sight problems, only 3,000 are in school. Four pupils from up to 100 schools for the visually impaired will be invited to attend the sessions.


For many, this will be the first time they have been involved in organised sport. Each school will receive three sound balls and their teachers will be given training to allow them to confidently conduct sports sessions in their own schools, ensuring lasting impact. Blind football is an exciting, enjoyable and hugely popular sport which will provide huge social and developmental benefits to an unfortunate and often forgotten minority.

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