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Inspiring, training and equipping families to fulfil their potential.



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What is Co-Funding?

Co-funding with the ALMT allows individuals, other Trusts and Foundations, and Companies to contribute funds directly to individual, vetted and approved, project partnerships. With fifteen years of experience awarding grants and working in partnership with children’s organisations around the world, the ALMT is best placed to support you in your philanthropy.

Restore Hope aims to come alongside children, families and young people who are facing challenging situations. The team spend time getting to know them personally, listening to their stories and offering support that is relevant to their needs. The company provides one to one family support, groups and connections that enable hope to be restored.  Restore Hope offers a wide range of life skills, personal development and educational courses that inspire, train and equip people with skills that enable them to flourish.


As a result of Covid-19 many families find themselves in crisis and unable to provide basic food for their families.  Families in crisis are referred to Restore Hope via recognized partner agencies linked to the local foodbank. Restore Hope provides a fresh food box with fresh fruit & vegetables to 200 families per month through their ‘foodlife’ programme.  The fresh food boxes are delivered to the doorstep by a volunteer and will always include a hope-filled, positive and personal conversation. This provides support and connection much deeper than just a delivery of fresh fruit and veg. The delivery drivers submit feedback of the conversation and the family support team then pick up any family that needs following up with, meaning every family is getting physical, practical and emotional support. The project is providing fortnightly fresh food boxes for 200 families during January 2021. All funding will go towards food boxes for parents and children in need in Buckinghamshire.  Each food package contains 16 portions of fresh food and vegetables.

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