Chance to Shine - UK

Cricket for hospital schools

'Whether it was in the corridor or the ward or in his bed, cricket was Jack's saviour'
Father of a child at Great Ormond Street
Chance to Shine uses cricket to ignite new passions, teach new skills and unite diverse groups in state schools and local communities across the country. 

Years: 2016, 2017, 2018

The ALMT is supporting Chance to Shine's cricket in hospital schools initiative. The partnership makes it possible for two coaches to go into the hospitals to offer weekly cricket-based activities as part of the hospital schools' education programme and engage the participants in throwing, catching and batting, which the coaches adapt for the schoolroom, wards and for bedbound children. The ALMT is supporting the project in Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital with plans to extend the scheme into one more hospital in 2018.  Cricket has such a positive impact on the children boosting confidence and self-esteem, and the opportunity to still enjoy this sport while in hospital makes them feel less cut off from normal childhood activities.


Jack Buse was a normal sport loving boy but aged two and a half years he was diagnosed with Leukaemia which meant he had to have an extended stay in Great Ormond Street for treatment. Despite the debilitating chemotherapy that left Jack bedridden and with little energy, there was one love that kept him going throughout his stay - cricket.


"The sessions that the Chance to Shine coaches gave in the corridor of the ward really cemented his love of cricket," said Jack's father. "He was so excited and energised by the visits and it made him want to play even more! Whether it was in the corridor or the ward or in his bed, cricket was Jack's saviour and it has helped him through some very tough times at Great Ormond Street."


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