All Ears Cambodia - Cambodia - 2018

The Auris Minor Project

All Ears Cambodia was created not merely to provide medical help but because it is a basic human right for all children and adults to live in health, peace and dignity.

Years: 2018

Following a model championed by the World Health Organisation, All Ears Cambodia combines cost effective primary ear healthcare to prevent hearing loss, with rehabilitative hearing aid fittings for those with a hearing impairment.


The project will provide free specialist ear and hearing services for high-at-risk, disadvantaged children at the AEC clinic in Phnom Penh. Cases will be derived from any of our current partner organisations or from public hospitals, new partner organisations or walk-in cases. All cases are high-at-risk of ear disease and resulting deafness. They will include Down's syndrome, cleft palate and lip and other cranio-facial disorders, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism, traumatic brain injury, polio and paraplegia as well children with HIV/AIDS. They will represent some of the most vulnerable and disadvantage children in Cambodia. Clinics will be used for the purpose of providing audiology and primary ear health care services. 2100 cases are expected to be seen each year.  


In this project, paediatric clinics will be delivered daily to detect hearing loss early and provide rehabilitation, and to tackle pre-cursor infection to prevent hearing loss. This project is targeting children with disabilites to both treat and prevent hearing loss but also to better understand the obstacles and any increased risks to declining ear health that these young people may face.


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