The Blenheim Triathlon: ‘Fun, atmospheric and memorable’

Alex Hickman entered the Blenheim Triathlon with trepidation but doesn't regret his decision for a minute


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Alex predicted his training would be miserable but having completed the Blenheim Triathlon in a great time he can’t stop talking about his experience! He completed his swim in 00:13:53, his cycle in 00:43:16 and his run in  00:26:29, with a final time of 01:32:11.


Alex talks about his experience:


‘The start of the swim was SO atmospheric. One moment there are two hundred identically coloured green swim hats bobbing in the water. The next moment, looking forwards over the course, the air fills with flailing arms and foam. SO memorable. I could go on and on…’


Alex has raised over £750 for the ALMT and it sounds like this might not be his last challenge!


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