Rachel Riley’s Family Fortunes Feat

Rachel Riley wins £30,000 for the ALMT




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A huge thank you to Rachel Riley and her family who battled the Kamara family on Family Fortunes last week to win £30,000 for the ALMT.


There were some interesting moments along the way and the Riley’s definitely had everyone on the edge of their seats at various points – particularly when struggling to come up with names beginning with ‘G’.  However, in the end Rachel and her brother Alex, looked comfortable in the ‘Big Money’ round and managed to secure the £30,000 jackpot on offer for the ALMT.


Rachel tweeted “Covid has been especially hard on charities and those they support, I know ALMT will make sure a lot of children will benefit from every penny from @FamilyFortunes.”


In what has been a particularly challenging year for so many, the ALMT continues to support grassroots children’s charities across the world. This year we have prioritised support to children worldwide suffering from hunger as a result of the pandemic, provided funding to reduce waiting lists for victims of domestic abuse, supported the provision of PPE and medical facilities, helped with holiday and remote activities and assisted with the provision of laptops so that children can continue to learn whilst isolated at home. It continues to be vitally important to fund the grassroots charities offering such valuable services and this amazing donation will enable us to continue supporting children and young in need.