Rachel Riley is the ALMT’s Lucky Star on ITV’s ‘Tipping Point’

Another quiz show in the bag, Rachel Riley walks away with £2600 for the ALMT!


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Sunday June 9th saw Rachel Riley, Chris Kamara and Stacey Solomon stand face to face with a giant coin drop on ITV's Tipping Point Lucky Stars. The aim of the game is simple, answer questions to have a shot at knocking coins into the prize bin. Presented by Ben Shepard, the show saw Rachel fly into the lead as Chris Kamara failed to win any money and Stacey Solomon was penalised for a couple of wrong answers.


When it came to the crunch however, Rachel was unlucky with the way her coins landed and Stacey went through to the final where she took home the £20,000 jackpot for her charity, Alzheimer’s Research UK. 


Before the coins let her down, Rachel had breezed through most of the questions and had managed to bank an amazing £2600 for the ALMT! Thank you Rachel for being such a sensational ambassador for the ALMT!