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After a succesful Trustees meeting in July, the ALMT have five new partners to add to the ever growing portfolio of successes. If you didn’t receive the newsletter, here’s a brief outline of what’s going to happen over the next year:


The Mtaala Foundation: After a full year working with Mtaala on their mission and strategy, the ALMT are very happy to provide the organisation with the funds to cover 15 educational sponsorships. These sponsorships provide a crucial foundation for vulnerable children and at-risk youth who have endured war, the loss of their parents, the HIV epidemic, neglect and extreme poverty. The cost of an education for one year will also benefit the whole school with contributions towards the teachers, food for staff and pupils and accommodation which will create a stronger learning and nurturing environment.


The Fred Foundation: The Fred Foundation is built on the principle of allowing children with autism to reach their potential. Too many autistic children are being denied the one thing that would make the most profound difference to their lives and to the lives of their families – an individual specialised education programme. The Foundation was therefore set up to help fund education programmes for children with autism and the ALMT have jumped on board to support 10 families over the Christmas period.


Street Child Africa: With the help of an ALMT co-funder, we will be supporting the provision of football coaching and equipment to deter 450 at risk children from drifting to the streets in Lusaka, Zambia. Typically these children live in slums, are victims of physical and sexual abuse, are orphans and do not have a loving family to provide for them. The sessions will also be used as an opportunity to talk to children about issues that affect them and to discuss their feelings and concern to staff who can sign post children to other relevant services run by local partners, such as skills training or informal and formal education.


S.A.U.C.E: S.A.U.C.E. is a Spanish NGO which stands for Solidarity, Help, Hope Joy and Belief. Their goal is to try to answer to the lack of education and health facilities in Cambodia, to support people with disability, to help rebuild infrastructures and to assist the vulnerable, especially youth and women. The ALMT have made a commitment to support 18 girls to be trained in using a sewing machine enhancing their vocational skills. The grant will also provide a sewing machine and a micro loan to enable an income for the girls.


All Ears Cambodia: Fifty percent of hearing loss is preventable. In Cambodia, chronic ear infection is a leading cause, particularly in children. Management of infection is commonly overlooked leading to needless hearing loss and life-threatening complications. All Ears Cambodia combines cost effective primary ear healthcare to prevent hearing loss, with rehabilitative hearing aid fittings for those with a hearing impairment. The ALMT are supporting paediatric clinics that will be delivered daily to detect hearing loss early, provide rehabilitation, and to tackle pre-cursor infection to prevent hearing loss.


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