Message from Nick Lawson

ALMT's tenth birthday


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On 19th September 2006 Ed Hutton, Peter Wyllie and myself sat down in the Covent Garden Hotel and started writing the articles of association for The Angus Lawson Memorial Trust. My eldest son Angus had drowned twelve days earlier and I was desperate in my grief to create some order from his death. If I could bombard positives at my massive negative I could make some mathematical sense of what had happened.


The overarching aim from day one of the ALMT was we would strive to mitigate the suffering of the world’s most marginalised children regardless of faith, geography or colour. I also wanted there to be no cost to any donation – to create a perfect transmission mechanism for each £1 from donor to child. To this date trustees have covered every cost the ALMT incurs.


Last night we had our quarterly trustees meeting. I looked around the room at our skilled and talented trustees assessing each project put in front of us and I felt we had truly kept loyal to our mandate.


The ALMT now have over 100 projects globally all fulfilling that original aim of mitigating child suffering.


As well as granting the ALMT also provide skilled due diligence, bereavement counselling, advisory and administrative services for our projects and offer a co-investment platform to donors.


On this our tenth birthday I want to say a huge thank you to all the fundraisers, donors, trustees and projects and our CEO Silvie Tonellotto for making the ALMT what  it has become.



Nick Lawson