City Pay It Forward launches Financial Literacy Scheme

Working to help children understand and manage their money


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The ALMT are excited to announce that on 27th January, every primary school in the UK, all 21,000, will receive City Pay It Forward’s Teachers’ Manual textbook for free.  City Pay It Forward has developed a comprehensive year 6 curriculum which will better equip children to understand and manage their money.  By working in partnership with a number of leading educators and Rising Stars, part of Hodder Education (one of the largest educational publishers in the UK), almost 700,000 children will now have access to their materials.


City Pay It Forward was established in 2016 by a group of parents with financial and business backgrounds whose aim was to make an impact on the next generation by teaching them the basics in financial literacy. Concerned by statistics on youth indebtedness, the group collaborated with fifteen Head Teachers and Year 6 teachers to produce, from scratch, the financial literacy materials which schools would find easy to use. To date, City Pay it Forward has worked with 150 schools across the country and engaged with over 15,000 students.


The curriculum has been extensively peer-reviewed, benefits from the Young Money Quality Mark (which is endorsed by the Department for Education and Education Scotland) and has been tried and tested with over 15,000 students at hundreds of schools across the country.


What began as a local, grassroots initiative has now gone national and the ALMT are very proud to have been involved.  The more colleagues, schools and teachers that hear about the materials, the greater the impact in the community. All the materials are provided free of charge and the entire curriculum can be downloaded from the City Pay it Forward website here. We would be most grateful if you would be able to assist and share the details of these materials as widely as possible to help maximise their beneficial impact.

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