ALMT visit to meet Refugee Support Network beneficiaries

Young refugees are successfully being paired in mentors in Birmingham


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This month, the ALMT and the Mac Bevan Charitable Trust (MBCT) visited Refugee Support Network (RSN) in Birmingman to see how the mentoring hub, supported by both Trusts, was going.


We met in a church in Birmingham for tea and samosas with five young refugees currently on the programme. One of the young men is called Ibrahim, he is from Afghanistan and his mentor is a retired Rocket Scientist. She noticed very quickly that Ibrahim had a talent for maths and, with his approval, contacted RSN to suggest he be entered for his GCSE. He's due to sit the exam in May. He had previously only been educated in the Quran at a religious school run by his father. When we asked if he knew he had a talent for maths, he said yes, 'I see numbers like a game'. We also learnt of the young people’s aspirations and achievements in engineering and nursing and their drive and determination was palpable. It was a really amazing visit and also one that was incredibly moving.


The ambitions held by these refugees have no limits and it was a humbling experience to meet such incredible young people and those running the project who work tirelessly with such passion and dedication to positively impact those who have suffered enough.

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