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ALMT Annual Report and Accounts year ended 30th Sept 2018

The ALMT 2017-18 Annual Report and Accounts are available to view online.

'The 17 projects funded by the ALMT this year continue to have a life-changing effect on the children they support and behind the projects are some phenomenal individuals driving ALMT funded projects forward. They work tirelessly behind the scenes, dedicating their lives to the charities they care about, and the ALMT is constantly blown away and in awe of the passion and skill shown by these extraordinary people.' Nick Lawson, Founder - ALMT.

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A Little Gesture - Pre-school education - Mozambique

In Mozambique, only 4% of children have access to some type of pre-school education. Only 44% of students complete elementary school and 60% of adults cannot read and write, higher amongst women.

The ALMT are working with A Little Gesture (ALG) to give free access to adequate pre-school education to children in the Gaza Province in Mozambique. With the incentive of free meals for young impoverished children, this programme will provide adequate education and nutrition for the poorest children and will develop academic learning, improve study habits, secure improved nutrition, build self-esteem and drive a reduction in delinquency rates and school dropouts.

Ace Africa - Child counsellors - Tanzania

As part of the Ace Africa Community Development Programme, the ALMT are supporting two Child Welfare Counsellors who are instrumental members of the Ace team. In the region, children and their families have a harsh environment in which to develop with 71% of households living below the poverty line and 41% living in absolute poverty.

The counsellors provide training and support to teachers in order that they can counsel children in schools as well as providing direct counselling sessions at Ace Resource centres tackling important issues including poverty, gender based violence, sexual violence, rape and child labour. 

All Ears Cambodia - Auris Minor project - Cambodia

Following a model championed by the World Health Organisation, All Ears Cambodia combines cost effective primary ear healthcare to prevent hearing loss, with rehabilitative hearing aid fittings for those with a hearing impairment.

In this project, paediatric clinics will be delivered daily to detect hearing loss early and provide rehabilitation, and to tackle pre-cursor infection to prevent hearing loss. This project is targeting children with disabilites to both treat and prevent hearing loss but also to better understand the obstacles and any increased risks to declining ear health that these young people may face.

All Ears Cambodia - Yo-yo project - Cambodia

This three-year project with All Ears Cambodia will develop a family-orientated rehabilitation and communication therapy service for hearing-impaired Khmer children with a parallel education program concerning ear and hearing health.

The project will develop children's hearing aid fitting protocols and the evaluation of hearing aid benefit in children as well as creating a speech advisor role, building staff skills, developing parent groups and the production of 12 family education sessions per year and 24 children's ear health education shows per year.

Didcot Train - Youth Champions Participation Programme - UK

With strong support and respect from local council, the Police Commissioner and the community, Didcot Train's Youth Champions Participation Programme, will build the confidence and skills of young people, empowering them to interact positively with their community and one another.

Building on the success of the pilot in 2018, this project will combine participation activities with one to one mentoring, to empower disadvantaged young people aged 11-18, building their confidence, improving their peer relationships and involving them positively within their community.

EPIC Partners - Every child a swimmer - UK

The purpose of the project, run by Epic Partners in partnership with Speedo,is to enable children of primary school age to be safe in and around water, increasing their awareness of water safety, swim survival and rescue skills. The overall aim is to reduce drowning incidents amongst children in/from the St Ann’s and Sneinton area or Nottinghamshire.

EPIC Partners have worked in this community for many years and are aware that young children are often cared for by older siblings. Therefore it is vital that these children are equipped with the appropriate skills to ensure that younger siblings are kept safe from harm when around water.

Life Concern Malawi - Edutoy project - Malawi

This project is a funding partnership between the ALMT and Egmont Trust.
Edutoy is a specially devised presentation which uses soft toys to demonstrate what constitutes abuse to primary school children with careful follow up and support for any children who subsequently come forward citing abuse. This project also includes a comprehensive training programme for organisations which come into contact with sexually abused children. The pilot project reached 3,000 children and identified and supported 520 children who had experienced sexual abuse.

The funding in 2019 will see the project scaled up to reach 16,600 in 2019-20 across Rumphi & Mzimba districts.

Midland Doctors - In-patient children's ward - Kashmir

This project will support phase one of a fully functional Child Health unit at the Midland Doctors Medical Institue (MDMI), with a first of its kind Emergency Ward for Children in Pakistan. The plan for a Paediatric Emergency Assessment Ward in partnership with the ALMT (ALMT-PEAW) at MDMI will treat an estimated 30,000 children compared to the current average 12000 patients per year. This would lead to circa 600 in-patient admissions per month.

256,000 patients have been treated at the MDMI to date, with 20-30% of being children, on a semi-inpatient basis. Patients travel from within a 70km radius of the hospital, giving up to a 4-hour range by car, dependent on local terrain.

Music for Autism - Live music for autistic children - UK

Music for Autism is enhancing quality of life and raising public awareness through autism-friendly, interactive concerts developed specifically for individuals with autism and their families.

The concerts, held in the United States and the United Kingdom, feature professional musicians, including Tony Award winners, Grammy-nominated classical artists, and Pulitzer Prize winners. To ensure equal access for all, every Music for Autism concert is fully subsidized. Families note that the concerts help fill a major psychosocial void, enabling them to enjoy enriching activities that are inclusive and to experience the joy and power of music as a family.

Jenni Thomas talks Child Bereavement
A new series of podcasts supported by the ALMT

The ALMT are so proud to support Jenni Thomas in her support of grieving families. Jenni has received the inaugural Nye Bevan NHS lifetime achievement award, she is Founder of the Child Bereavement Trust and an OBE. Produced with @nickheathsport, this eight episode series covers Jenni’s work as a pioneering figure in child bereavement. Jenni talks about the loss of a baby or child, working with couples, and her work in pre-bereavement as highlighted by the amazing @ruthstraussfdn.

Watch a short preview of episode one filmed with Andrew Strauss
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RenaissanceRe Kilimanjaro climb 2019
8th November 2019

ALMT corporate partner Renaissance Re have taken challenging themselves to another level...A group of 20 employees will be climbing Kilimanjaro on the 8th November in a bid to raise money for Ace Africa and the ALMT. This is a really tough challenge with adverse weather conditions and plenty of different terrains, never mind the altitude and the whole team ave thrown themselves into training and fundraising. After their climb, they will also be dropping by on an ALMT supported project with Ace Africa in Arusha, Tanzania. This will be no mean feat and as their fundraising total keeps creeping up, so does the departure date!

The team have held bake sales, raffles, dress down days, sponsored cycles, mountain climbs and runs, and have been tirelessly fundraising while squeezing in the intense training required to complete this epic challenge!

Keep going team - the only way is up!!

Follow their journey on Instagram using #1458to5895

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Co-Funding with the ALMT
Supporting projects close to your heart

More and more people are joinig the ALMT with Co-Fuding but what exactly is it?

The ALMT is sharing its partnerships with small organisations and giving its donors the opportunity to know exactly where and who their money has been directed to.

What's the process? The ALMT receive applications for funding from registered charities and conduct stringent due diligence and research into the organsation and project proposal before deciding whether to award a grant or not. If the ALMT Board of Trustees decide to fund a project, it becomes available to Co-Fund.

Co-Funders can view the full application and budget and make an informed decision about whether they would like to donate their funds in support of a particular project. The ALMT split the grant amounts into percentages dependent on the amount of Co-Funders interested in supporting it. It might be as simple as a 50/50 split between the ALMT and a Co-Funder or, could include any number of Co-Funders donating smaller amounts to the ALMT to make up the full grant request.

Contact for more information and to begin your Co-Funding journey

The last amazing few months would not have been possible without the support of some very special individuals, corporate support and charity partners.
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