Well, 2019 has got off to a flying start with six new project partnerships up and running and Co-Funding bringing together like minded people all supporting ALMT partners close to their hearts. The whole team at the ALMT have a busy schedule this year visiting projects and meeting the people behind the proposals so look out for the 'project visit' updates appearing on our newsletters.

African Village School Fund - Swaziland - Vital repairs to village school

Angus Lawson's Primary school in the Ekudzeni community, Swaziland, was established with ALMT's support in 201. Now entering its 12th year of educating children from the local community it needs some maintenance and updating. The original toilets were built to cater for 37 pupils now there are 250 there is an urgent need for 6 new pit latrines to replace the former 2. In addition, the school has suffered from 12 years onslaught of extreme weather conditions and
doors, windows etc are damaged and need replacing to protect the children whilst they learn.

The ALMT is supporting AVSF in undertaking these vital repairs.

The Ben Kinsella Trust - UK - Anti knife crime exhibition and workshop

With success from the Knife Crime Exhibition and Workshop in Finsbury, London, the Ben Kinsella Trust, with support from the ALMT, are creating a similar space in Nottingham. With a venue ready to go, the workshop will be open to young people from local schools and community groups.

Children are educated about the dangers of carrying a knife and how to make positive choices. The workshop makes use of interactive rooms and children learn about the impact of knife crime, choice and consequences, how to make safe decisions and the realities of prison life, the law and how it is applied. Children take part in role plays, discussions, quizzes and learn about the dangers of knife crime in a creative and educational space.

Footsteps Foundation - UK - Therapy at the Footsteps Centre

The Footsteps Centre in Oxfordshire provides intensive physical therapy for babies and children up to the age of 18 who are affected by a number of conditions including cerebral palsy, neurological disorders, genetic disorders, epilepsy, stroke, meningitis, global delays and undiagnosed conditions.

A grant from the ALMT with pay for over 400 hours of intensive physio-therapy using a unique piece of equipment, the Spider. The ‘Spider’ is a series of elastic ropes attached to an open frame which creates a ‘spider’s web, holding each child in their perfect postural position and enabling them to practise balancing, crawling, kneeling and standing positions, whilst concentrating on essential movements such as supporting, reaching, grasping and holding.

Fred Foundation - UK - Grants for therapy for children with autism

Many families wanting to access Applied Behavioural Therapy (ABA) for their autistic child are facing a lack of funding and grants to be able to pay for the vital therapy. Fred Foundation provides short term grants to these families to pay for the ABA while they await a funding decision from local authority.

ABA programmes for children with autism build on the child’s strengths with emphasis on communication, social interaction and play skills. It focusses on behaviour management: replacing inappropriate behaviours with alternatives that serve the same function for the child. For example, if the child has tantrums to get his/her needs met, teaching the child how to request would be a more appropriate replacement behaviour. Behaviours are prioritised according to how much they hinder learning or affect the child’s quality of life.

Tushinde - Kenya - Outreach to young people living in slums

Tushinde work in partnership with local clinics and schools in the slums of Kenya. With their family programme firmly established, Tushinde will use the grant from ALMT to conduct an outreach programme for up to 100 young people.

The young people have been identified by the team at Tushinde as not currently accessing services available to them and this is predominantly down to lack of knowledge or support. Tushinde social workers will work with the young people to help them access the support they need.

Refugee Support Network (RSN) - Birmingham - February 2019

In 2017, the ALMT began supporting this RSN pilot project, a mentoring hub for young unaccompanied refugees in Birmingham, after the success of the project in London. Now in its second year, the ALMT visited the team in Birmingham and met with five young refugees on the programme.

The visit was truly inspirational. Many of the young refugees arriving in the UK have little to no English and limited education. With support from their mentors, one hour per week, their English is advancing, they are taking exams, finding vocations and integrating into their school and social environments. Their ambitions have no limit and it was a humbling experience to meet such incredible young people and those running the project who work tirelessly with such passion and dedication to positively impact those who have suffered enough.

Supporting projects close to your heart

Co-funding with the ALMT is open to all, no contribution is too small, and every pound makes a genuine difference to the projects supported by the Trust. We support a truly amazing array of small but mighty children’s organisations who apply to the ALMT for grants up to £20k. Co-funding is allowing supporters, like you, to get directly involved and choose where to designate your donation, whether that be for one specific project close to your heart, or for a variety of causes over the year. View the applications and learn more about where your money is ending up.

Get in touch to learn more and find out about opportunities for co-funding with the ALMT.

Ride Prudential - 4th August 2019 - 16 places available

Get a team together and do something amazing this summer!

Celebrating the legacy for cycling created by the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 starts from 05:45 in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, then follows a 100-mile route on closed roads through the capital and into Surrey’s stunning countryside. With leg-testing climbs and a route made famous by the world’s best cyclists at the London 2012 Olympics, it's a truly spectacular event for all involved. The Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 finishes on The Mall in central London.

The 2019 Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 will take place on Sunday 4 August. Contact ALMT for more info.

Berlin Marathon - 29th September 2019 - 2 places available

With 206 days to train, why not take one of the World Marathon Majors, the Berlin Marathon. The ALMT have two places available (race place only) and with an estimated audience of 1 million, your ALMT running shirt is going to look fantastic!

Known for its flat and fast loop, the Berlin Marathon is a good 'beginners' marathon. It's also one steeped in history: On September 30th 1990, three days before reunification, the course of the Berlin Marathon led through Brandenburg Gate and both parts of Berlin and in 2001 Naoko Takahashi became the first woman to break the 2:20 barrier on the course.

Contact ALMT for more info.

Contact silvie.wallington@almt.org for more information on any of the upcoming events and to register.
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